About us

About Us

Many smart business owners and managers are waking up to the advantages of Vehicle Tracking and Telematics as a way of saving money and increasing business profits.

Whether you have 3 or 300 vehicles in your fleet it pays to manage and control your vehicle costs. Increasing efficiency is a fast way to reduce costs and add bigger profits to your bottom line.

We specialise in  working with business owners, fleet and transport managers to use advanced technology that can help –

Reduce fuel costs significantly – one of our recent clients enjoyed a 27% saving in less than one year.

Reduce vehicle damage, wear and tear – by monitoring driving styles and behaviour, with positive feedback to drivers.

Control Job-Flow Management – our systems and support enable you to increase efficiency, cutting down on wasted travel time and delivery schedules.

Safety & Security – now you can monitor where drivers and, more importantly, your loads are. Also reduce the risk of fraudulent accident claims.

Finance & Tax Savings – vehicle tracking meets HMRC’s strict rules on fuel and mileage evidence, helping you to recover costs.

Communications – enjoy increased efficiency through real-time communications with drivers and agents, cutting down wasted transport costs.


More than just little black boxes –

At FLEETSense we deliver a full consultancy and advisory service to our clients, helping them to access the range of benefits that cutting-edge telematics can deliver.

A comprehensive approach means that first we analyse your business transport requirements and usage, enabling us to create a powerful solution that will produce fast benefits and savings.

Our comprehensive approach to working with you isn’t limited to basics like fuel savings; we also help you to reduce issues like accidents and fraudulent collision claims. Our systems are also crucial in enabling you to satisfy the increasingly strict rules for tax reclaims on vehicle use and fuel costs.

By maintaining a close relationship with you we can help to monitor how best to apply our Cost-Savings Recommendations and Solutions Packages. On-going support and full training ensure that you’ll see benefits quickly as you adopt these.


What we’re known for?

We’re very proud of the reputation we’ve gained in just a few years for practical and effective solutions that meet our clients specific needs.

But it’s more than that; it’s about helping others understand the real benefits that new technology can deliver, and quickly. Our case studies demonstrate this clearly.

In a no nonsense manner we will work with you, to find out what you need, what will give your business the greatest benefit and most importantly, what really works for you.

As a smaller and effective team, we deliver on our promise of real customer service and at the same time carry the weight and pedigree of representing a leading global brand through our partnership with TomTom.

At FLEET Sense we serve the needs of clients at any size or scale. If your fleet is three, or three hundred vehicles, we believe that all of our customers should speak to someone familiar and reliable when they need help or advice.

From advising on products to arranging purchase finance we are with you every step of the way on your journey into the world of telematics. And when you are ready to expand your fleet, change vehicles or upgrade your system we are there to offer help, advice and support.

Right from the beginning we very carefully selected our partner companies when we started trading. We are only happy to recommend and sell products that we are happy to use, so we don’t have to offer a huge number of companies products, preferring to build a reputation as selecting and offering the best.

We know how important it is to feel comfortable and confident when using new technology, that’s why we will offer you free initial training and if required, are happy to arrange further instruction for you and your team. Our aim is to drive your best result.

Working as we do as official partners of TomTom we know we have all the backing required to be able to deal with any requirement and on any scale.

Talk to us today and find out why the smart people choose FLEET Sense.