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Introducing Advanced Software Solutions for the Transport Industry –


VeHUB provides a simple, powerful and highly effective way of managing a range of daily transport management requirements, including –

  • Vehicle Checks
  • Accident Reports
  • Trailer Scan

VeHUB is a software solution that works seamlessly with TomTom Telematics PRO Navigation and Tracking hardware. This mobile solution provides the perfect way to maintain control over the management of your fleet efficiency and safety.

A clean and user-friendly interface enables your drivers to carry out the daily task of vehicle checks, recording all the vital and relevant information.

Staying compliant with Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is a legal requirement. Failures or breaches of compliance can result in costly fines and penalties.

Likewise, accurate recording of Accidents is critical for legal compliance, insurance reporting and claims process. With VeHUB your drivers have a way to record accidents in a prompt and timely manner.

In short, CAILDUS VeHUB provides a powerful mobile resource that reduces time, increases efficiency and gives you complete control over your assets.

Please contact us at FLEETSense to find out more and arrange a demonstration of this solution.

Read the VeHUB Release Notes here.



The TTM system provides a consolidated view which allows the logistics team to monitor the progress of orders, vehicle trips and individual deliveries.

Reporting tools highlight delivery issues in real time so that the logistics team can take steps such as re-routing of trips, or proactively notifying customers of delays.

Any delays or problems are identified early and can be handled proactively, which helps to avoid penalties for missing allocated delivery time-slots, and add to improve customer service by proactively contacting the customer to inform them of unexpected delays.

Time spent looking into where an order is and when it is likely to arrive is substantially reduced, which means the customer service staff, transport and warehouse managers are free to focus on other areas.


CALIDUS ePOD is a proof of delivery/work completion solution for companies involved in the movement of goods and can also extend to companies that provide services such as onsite maintenance, installation and repair.

Mobile devices such as PDAs or Smartphones are used to provide the driver with work instructions and to record and track his daily activity schedule.

The primary benefit of this is to capture arrival and departure times, services provided and an electronic proof of delivery or collection.



CALIDUS TTM – Integrated Delivery Tracking Portal

CALIDUS ePOD – Electronic Proof of Delivery

OBS VeHUB – Release Notes


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