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Zip Water UK saves £30k on Insurance Costs

Discover how they found a way to reduce accidents and fleet insurance costs with FLEETSense

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For over 70 years, Zip Water UK has been developing world-leading and high-performing drinking water solutions that aim to positively impact on our health, well being and the environment – thanks to their innovative filtration systems and energy saving technology. Zip Water UK has unrivalled expertise in filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water and is known globally for being home to the world’s most advanced drinking water system – the HydroTap – with models for both the home and working environment.

In this case study we find out from Graham Short, Fleet Manager at Zip Water UK, just how working with FLEETSense, independent and leading fleet management specialists, has benefited their mixed fleet of 120. Here’s what Graham had to say:

“Having the tools in place to promote a safer driving style among our van and car drivers has led to a much-improved fleet risk profile, a 15 per cent reduction in insurance premiums thanks to reduced claims, and a welcome fillip to our employee duty of care.”

“Furthermore, we have seen a demonstrable improvement in fleet mpg, along with a sizeable reduction in our vehicle maintenance bills, including tyres and brake wear.”

Zip Water UK - Fleet Insurance Savings

The Brief

Zip Water UK recognised the value in reducing essential costs in order to minimise wasted profit, such as with vehicle insurance premiums. Such running costs are only set to rise as fleets grow, and Zip Water UK trusted FLEETSense to find appropriate and effective solutions to address the issue at hand.

As with all FLEETSense clients, the brief needed to be met by a proposition that represented true value for money and a quality of after-sales service that ensured maximum ongoing benefit for the client.

The Solution

As an independent consultancy FLEETSense has the distinct benefit of directly matching needs with solutions. With a whole-of-market freedom to choose from, FLEETSense is not tied by particular manufacturers and suppliers.

Rather, the business always works from a position of Best Advice and Recommendation.

FLEETSense was able to work closely with the client to deploy TomTom’s WEBFLEET, a Software-as-a-Service fleet management and telematics system. WEBFLEET and the integral OptiDrive 360 solution scores drivers based on key performance indicators and provides them with real-time feedback and advice.

This technology also means that Zip Water drivers are now also using the WEBFLEET Logbook app on their smartphones to keep accurate journey logs, rather than having to complete manual mileage sheets at the end of each day. The drivers simply validate their journey information and select whether the trips they have made are for business or private purposes.

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Not only did this solution show how Zip Water UK witnessed a significant reduction in road traffic collisions, it demonstrates that significant savings are to be had for the smart Fleet Manager looking to achieve positive ROI.

The value and efficiency gains that the telematics system has delivered to our business have been considerable. These have been recognised across our entire workforce – from the field to the back office.” Says Short.

“It’s just one more example of why we encourage Transport Operators and those running any kind of commercial fleet to get smart, get FLEETSense” says Tom Dickerson, MD of FLEETSense. 

Our Approach

Clearly, this shows that there are many advantages to  fitting quality vehicle cameras systems across a fleet of vehicles. But how do we know what supplier and equipment to choose for each client?

As dedicated consultants and not just ‘box-shifters’, FLEETSense has proven value in finding the right solution for each client and their needs as individuals.  As a business operating nationally, with over 400 live client relationships, we are able to access the best prices and offer deals to match.

“We’ve always been more about building on-going relationships than just selling stuff, unlike so many of our competitors” says Tom. “And I think we’ve successfully proven that over the past decade. Customers often come to us for one specific need, then go on to take advantage of our experience in addressing other issues, be that tracking and route-scheduling, work-flow management, or other aspects of their operation”.

Our thoughtful approach has evidently been a great fit for Zip Water UK, as it has proven to be with a range of the clients we work with.

“We’ve proven, time and again, that current technology can save time, reduce risks and add profits on the bottom line. That’s what our customers want and as a business owner I know why that’s important to them”.

Zip Water UK - Fleet Insurance Savings
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About FLEETSense

Based in Dereham, West Norfolk, FLEETSense works with clients nationwide, has award-winning partnerships with global brands, such as TomTom Telematics, and also works closely with tech developers who are creating solutions to meet the current and future needs of the UK transport industry and beyond.

Read more about vehicle cameras for fleets here.

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