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18 Jul
Discount Airtime Vehicle Tracking Contract

Summer Vehicle Tracking Airtime Offer

Summer  Vehicle Tracking Airtime Offer – 10 % Saving

If you’re ready to upgrade your vehicle tracking and telematics, or just looking for a great deal, here it is.


We’ve been delivering the best Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Solutions for over a decade now and helped transport-related businesses, across the UK, get effective ways to monitor and control their fleet, be that large or small.

As a Gold Partner for TomTom Telematics, the global leaders, we’ve been able to offer a Best Advice solutions, together with competitive pricing. This Summer and for a limited time only, we’re going even further and stacking up deals that include an instant 10% Saving on the Airtime Contracts for vehicle tracking systems*.

This deal is ideal for vehicle tracking of all types, including; HGV, LGV and Vans, Company Cars and more. From just 1 vehicle and up.

Open to new customers, either ready to migrate to a better and more reliable system, or for those ready to take their first steps into vehicle tracking.

New TomTom PRO Device Vehicle Telematics TrackingVehicle Telematics and Tracking now provides an incredible level of power and control, giving you access to live data for your vehicles in real time.

Once fitted and configured to your needs, these smart and unobtrusive tracking hardware systems transmit data back  from your vehicles to you via the cellular communications network.

This represents a modest monthly running cost per vehicle for tracking.

We have clients who purchase this hardware outright, as well as those who take a lease option, where daily costs can be directly related to a Return on Investment.

Helping you to run a more efficient and profitable business is out core aim. This includes removing waste wherever possible.

So that’s why we’re encouraging you to review your current tracking contract and provider, or perhaps taking the first steps in adopting this Fleet Management tool.

As well as giving you the guarantee of Best Advice – we only recommend systems and setup based on your needs – we’re happy to sweeten the deal even more by giving you this quick saving of 10% on the Airtime element of your system for the duration of the contract (up to a maximum of 3 years)

If you’ve been struggling to run your vehicles, found you’re wasting huge amounts of time and seeing your profits slide, then you need a system that will put you back in control and give you a positive return on investment.

“This solution has led to a reduction in the number of accidents: last year insurance claims amounted to £214,000, and this year it has reduced to £88,000. Fuel saving has been incredible; £90,000 saving in just 1 year!!”

Michael Rayner – Operation Director, Zenith Hygiene Group


To find out more and discuss your vehicle tracking needs,

as well as claim your 10% Airtime Saving*,

call our specialist and dedicated team at –

0345 459 4998


Why Buy From FLEETSense –

With over a decade of experience in vehicle and fleet management technology we work with carefully chosen partners to bring you the latest and best.

As truly independent Specialists, with hundreds of customers across the UK, we seek out and negotiate the best deals, without compromising on quality.

More than just a re-seller, we’re an award-winning Sales & Service business, offering all our customers personal and dedicated technical and after-sales support.

We also work with approved Auto Electricians, across the UK, to provide high-quality installation services on vehicle tracking, cameras and more.

To review your tracking needs and desires, or simply get more information…

Call Us Now On – 0345 459 4998

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8 Mar
Corporate Logistics Solutions

FLEETSense Customer Unlocks Instant Fuel Savings

Integrated fuelcard and telematics solution helps cut fuel costs by more than eight per cent

Discover how one FLEETSense customer unlocked instant fuel savings…

An innovative fuel and driver management solution from TomTom Telematics and BP has helped specialists Corporate Solutions Logistics cut fuel costs by 8.1 per cent.

FLEETSense began working with Corporate Solutions Logistics  in 2014 introducing TomTom Telematics and Tracking. Working closely with the Birmingham-based company, which provides bespoke temperature controlled and ambient distribution services, FLEETSense then introduced BP FleetMove Pro across its 100-strong HGV fleet in June 2017.

In parallel FLEETSense has also helped to implement Maxoptra from Magenta Technologies, as well as Vehicle Cameras, helping the client to benefit from improved Insurance Policies resulting from closer monitoring and development of Driver Behaviour.

The new integrated system combines BP fuel card information with vehicle location, fuel consumption, driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance data from WEBFLEET, TomTom Telematics’ fleet management solution.

This provides full visibility and control over how fuel is being used across the entire fleet in one, easy-to-use interface.

Instead of checking thousands of individual fuel card transactions manually every year, the company now receives fuelcard exception reports. These highlight at a glance if there is an anomaly that might indicate fraudulent card use, such as when a fuel card transaction and vehicle location do not match.

WEBFLEET’s integral OptiDrive 360 functionality meanwhile – which gives drivers in-cab feedback and advice on a number of key indicators affecting fuel efficiency, including speeding, idling, sudden braking and harsh steering – has helped improve fleet mpg by 9.2 per cent.

In addition, weekly fuel consumption reports have highlighted a clear correlation between fuel wastage due to idling and number of accidents, triggering targeted driver training.

Corporate Logistics Solutions‘We’re delighted with the results,’ says Stuart Payne, Commercial Director at Corporate Solutions Logistics. ‘Combining different streams of data in this way makes everyone’s life easier, helping us to save time and reduce operating costs.’

Further benefits to the company include WEBFLEET alerts from the vehicle’s four-camera CCTV system, helping to plug any evidence gaps for future insurance claims.

Scheduled integration with the incumbent routing and scheduling system means the company will soon be able to send drivers directions to the most appropriate BP stations on each route to help them get the best fuel deals.

If your transport business could benefit from direct bottom-line saving on fuel, contact us today to find out how we can help this happen.

Call FLEETSense, specialists in maximising Fleet efficiency and profits.

Tel. 0345 489 4998

Or email [email protected]

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20 Feb

How Safe Are Your Drivers?

Specialist Risk Assessment and Driver Training from Greenpenny

– Approved Partners of Independent Tracking

Driver TrainingYour Fleet is only ever as good as your Drivers. Maintaining high driver standards is not only required by Law, it also makes sense for you and your business.

As UK and European roads become more congested and hazardous there’s one key element that drives the efficiency and safety of your transport operation; your Drivers.

Whether you’re operating a large HGV or LGV logistics operation, a fleet of service agents, or field-sales team, the skill and standards of your drivers is critical.

Better Driver Standards –

  • Help to improve fuel economy and vehicle efficiency – saving you money
  • Help to reduce unnecessary vehicle wear and damage – reducing maintenance costs
  • Help to reduce risk of collision or accident – improved driver (and other road-user) safety
  • Help to improve Customer Perception and Brand Values – reduce dangerous driver reports
  • Help to reduce Legal Claims and Liability – avoid costly court action or insurance claims

There’s a good reason why professional drivers need to be well trained, monitored and refreshed. The key points above show just some of the direct and immediate advantages to you and your business.

This is why we have sought to find a trusted partner who we can recommend to our clients with complete confidence. Greenpenny Fleet Risk Assessment and Training reflect our own values and aims, providing a service based on experience and understanding of what really matters.

To find out more and learn how you can benefit from these professional driver standards experts; contact us today to arrange an initial review – 0345 459 4998



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4 Feb

Reducing Fleet Fuel Costs

Simple ways to save on fleet fuel costs

– A white paper produced by tomtom – vehicle tracking solutions from FLEETSense

Rising fuel costs are a major consideration, if not the most important, for fleet operators, mobile and on-road services. Controlling and managing these costs can be achieved through a number of means.

The most appropriate way for businesses to tackle fuel costs, and their bottom line impact, is to introduce technology systems that provide the tools to instigate operational and behavioural changes encouraging fuel-efficient driving.

The following white paper considers the challenges faced and how this can be achieved.

Read the full research report now
View PDF


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