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20 Sep
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Automate your Routes Schedules with PLANND’IT

Automatic Your Route Planning for only £5 per month

One of the smartest ideas to hit the Fleet Management this year

We love it when our partners come up with new and innovative ways to make our solutions work even better.

The clever people at Magenta Technology (who created Maxoptra) have just launched a great new software application that makes route scheduling even quicker and easier.

Seriously, this is a game changer and we think all our customers currently using TomTom PRO devices will want to take a serious look at this.

Even better, the really good news is you can dive in with a completely FREE TRIAL and see how this works for yourself.

TomTom PRO devices lead the way in fleet management, giving you a powerful tool to keep your vehicles in the right place at the right time.

Getting all your routes scheduled still takes time before you can begin to benefit from TomTom. Now with PLANND’IT you can automate this step of the process and get your fleet management working even quicker than before.

So how does it work?


planned'it route scheduling

planned'it route scheduling

planned'it route scheduling

planned'it route scheduling

Why You Need To Take A Look –

Quite simply, we think this new application will help Fleet Managers and Transport Operators speed up the daily task of scheduling your drivers’ routes.

If you’ve already invested in TomTom PRO devices for your vehicles, or seriously considering it, this smart bit of software will help save time, reduce errors and make running your business much easier.

The great news is that as Official Partners with Magenta Technologies we’ve been given the opportunity to promote a new free trial of this system.

You can start your 14-Day Free Trial any time and after that continue to use the system for only £5 per vehicle per month.


What Next?

Contact us now to find out more and check suitability. Book a free online demo, where we’ll show you exactly how you’ll benefit

Already in contract with another tracking supplier? Talk to us about options for switching early.

Call our team of experienced professionals now – 0345 459 4998

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2 Mar
telematics in the construction industry

Telematics Drives Construction Industry

Telematics Driving the Construction Industry

Part 1 of an Industry Review From FLEETSense

– The Fleet Management Specialists


The UK construction industry has enjoyed a period of growth over recent years and the trend continues upwards. Despite the effects of recent economic challenges the building and construction sector is once again finding growing opportunities.

As with so many other sectors, transport plays a major role and whether it is a small building firm working on a modest housing development, or a large civil engineering firm delivering a major infrastructure project, transport is critical.

There are 5 key areas that relate to transport and logistics needs within the construction industry –

Efficiency –

For any business to operate effectively it needs to be efficient. The simple economics of cost reduction are an easy way to add direct profits to the bottom line.

Waste is an issue for all of us and today the pressures to control and minimise waste are not just focused on lost revenues. We also need to accept a larger, perhaps moral, perspective on the issue of waste. And this is especially the case when considering sustainability of resources and our need to protect the environment.

Being able to manage fleet transport in an effective way is paramount to controlling costs and reducing waste.

Safety –

Perhaps more than other, it is the construction industry that presents the highest safety risks to employees, staff and even the general public.

By the very nature of the business the transportation of construction-related materials is a big job. Often requiring big solutions and a careful observance of the need to maintain the highest levels of safety is critical.

The transport industry also has a high level requirement for attention to safety matters. Large vehicles, travelling for many hours, sometimes on challenging routes, all adds up to bigger safety considerations with higher risks.

Compliance –

The construction industry is very much led by the need to observe and be compliant of rules and regulations. Many of these are obvious and accepted as part of good safety and best practice.

Once again, the transport industry also has stringent legislation that requires full compliance, or results in the costs and penalties imposed. Costly penalties are a unwanted and unnecessary drain on bottom line profits.

When combined, the supply of logistics within the construction means a high regard for compliance and the avoidance of costly penalties.

Security –

The transportation of construction materials in large scale can present some major security issues. High value loads need protection and monitoring.

While the financial losses of lost or damaged loads represent one issue there are others. The security of personnel and staff is another key area that needs attention. As goods, materials and people function within the construction industry there is a need for traceability and accountability.

Security matters are not just the result of deliberate or even criminal intent; they are also about asset protection, thinking and planning ahead, so reducing risks and costs.


Corporate and Social Responsibility, even Environmental Responsibility; today, more than ever before, the construction industry has the need to meet the expectations (and legal demands) of the communities in which it operates.

More than this, responsibility is best practice. It reduces risk, increases better and safer work environments and can still become a cost-positive aspect of any business. Consumers demand ethical suppliers and constructors.


As technology advances, in particular in the field of communications and data management, a number of powerful resources are now becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry.

Fleet Management, Work-Flow and Job Scheduling are now all fundamental to the daily routine of all transport operations. With the clear and simple aim of achieving more, sometimes with less, in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

That’s why we have seen an explosion of interest and engagement in vehicle Telematics and Fleet Management solutions over recent years.

And in Part 2 of this Industry Review we’ll be looking at how this is happening now and where the opportunities are for the future.


If you operate a vehicle fleet within the Construction industry, now could be the right time to take a close look at how effective technology can drive real savings and boost your profits.

For a free initial conversation, guidance and recommendations on the best solutions contact us today.

Call the FLEETSense Team on 0345 459 4998


Read one case study below and find out how a TomTom client in the Construction Sector saved over £44k

Dudman Group TomTom AllOnMobile


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16 Feb
Dudman Group TomTom AOM

Dudman Group Case Study

Construction Firm Embraces Technology

The Dudman Group Finds £44,000 of Savings

TomTom Telematics Combined with AllOnMobile EPOD

Originating as a haulage business, the Dudman Group of Companies has grown and adapted with the industry into a large, independent group that is an owner/operator of quarries, wharves, recycling centres and a large truck operator supplying and serving the construction industry in the South of England.

Working across the South coast with a haulage fleet of 45 vehicles including rigid & artic tippers, concrete mixers and road sweepers; the company operates out of depots across Sussex and Hampshire. The Dudman Group of Companies prides itself on being an independent aggregate producer, concrete supplier and bulk haulier that offers the widest range of products possible, catering for any development or construction venture.

The Dudman Group of Companies has installed the TomTom Telematics fleet management solution into 25 of the 45 vehicle fleet. All of the equipped vehicles are also using the ruggedised TomTom PRO 8275 7″ driver terminal, which on top of standard TomTom features allows for third-party apps to be developed to add functionality.

In addition to the ability to install third party apps on the PRO 8275 driver terminal, it comes equipped with a truck specific map, ensuring all routes are HGV suitable. TomTom Traffic data means drivers can avoid traffic delays and increase productivity. The device is ruggedised for use in harsh conditions.

The third party software chose is supplied by AllOnMobile (AOM) which allows for the reduction of paper based processes through development of online forms and includes daily vehicle checks, job scheduling and signature capture. Loading times at all company sites are less, allowing the driver to leave once checked and there is no longer the need to wait for a paper ticket to be produced.

The new AOM e-ticket software has ensured that all loads delivered conform to the Weights & Measures & QSRMC standards and provides customers with a digital copy of the signed ticket by email or text. This system is linked to the Dudman Group of Companies website which customers can use to access information of their ticket.

Since implementing the TomTom Telematics solution and AOM application, the Dudman Group of Companies has calculated an outstanding saving of £44K per year on employee and operational efficiency and paper form administration.

Based on this level of savings, the capital expenditure required to purchase and install the solution will be repaid within the first 18 months of operation.

Read the Full Case Study Here

If you operate a vehicle fleet within the Construction industry, now could be the right time to take a close look at how effective technology can drive real savings.

For a free initial conversation, guidance and recommendations on the best solutions contact us today.

Call the FLEETSense Team on 0345 459 4998

Dudman Group TomTom AllOnMobile


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4 Dec

Christmas 2015 – Office Availability

Christmas Office Dates

Please Note –

The FLEETSense Office Will be Closed On The Following Dates


Last Day – End of the day Wednesday 23rd December

Our Office then reopens on Monday 4th January 2016

Any of our customers that require equipment de-installs, re-installs, or additional units, please advise the office as soon as possible before these dates.

Thank you and from everyone at FLEETSense, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Sally and Tom Dickerson,

Directors – FLEETSense Ltd.


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24 Nov

TomTom PRO 7250 5250 Update

New Firmware Update Available for the TomTom PRO 7250 & 5250

The new firmware 15.311 for the TomTom PRO 7250 / 5250 product range is available in the partner portal.

Next to improving the overall performance and the stability of the TomTom PRO, various bug fixes have been implemented with the latest application release.

To further improve the routes for heavy trucks and other large vehicles, optimizations have been implemented into this version, to make sure the planned route is suitable for these types of vehicles.

If you are operating either the TomTom PRO 7250 or 5250 for your fleet tracking, please contact FLEETSense now for guidance on how to update your firmware for these units.

Call 0345 459 4998

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16 Nov
webfleet driving times app

New WEBFLEET Driving Times App

WEBFLEET Driving Times App

This brand new app works in combination with either WEBFLEET Driving Times or Tachograph Manager.

It is designed to help drivers comply with the complex Drivers’ Hours Regulations by simply displaying remaining driving times, the same data that is available to the dispatcher via WEBFLEET.

Other features include infringement warnings and historical overviews. The app is available for standard Android devices and the TomTom PRO 8275.

For android devices: down load the app from the Google Play Store. For the TomTom PRO 8275: contact us detailing WEBFLEET Customer Name and Customer number.

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5 Feb
Remaining driver hours

Stay Compliant – Remaining Driver Hours

Remaining Driving Times – Real Time Insights and Control

For many Transport Operators the control and management of Drivers Hours is a constant challenge. Strict regulations demand compliance to ensure that all trucks over 3.5 tonnes, as well as passenger vehicles (with 9 or more passengers and fitted with a tachograph) must control drivers hours, as well as ensure correct rest periods are observed.

Managing this day to day in a busy operation requires time, accurate reporting and good systems. With WEBFLEET from TomTom you have this control at your fingertips, providing accurate and vital data in real time.

Ordering a new truck?

TomTom Telematics are striding ahead with technological developments aimed specifically at the HGV and Haulage industry. As trucks become more intelligent there are features that can be enabled within the vehicle that can work in conjunction with TomTom Webfleet to give you more information at your finger tips.

Fleet Management Systems or FMS is the standard interface to vehicle data within commercial vehicles. With this enabled we are able to interrogate data such as fuel usage, refuels and unexpected fuel losses. Enabling FMS at point of ordering your truck is often more cost effective that asking for it to be done retrospectively. As TomTom move forward with their feature development the FMS data will become more central to the services that can be offered.

Why not future proof your business and your truck and ask your dealership about enabling the FMS?


Highlights of Remaining Driver Times from TomTom –

WEBFLEET informs you on Remaining Driving Times in real-time

  • Daily remaining driving time
  • Weekly remaining driving time
  • Upcoming breaks and rest periods
  • Social infringement notification
  • Suitable for all vehicles equipped with a digital tachograph
  • No dependency on the remote download capacity of a tachograph
  • Easy installation
  • No certified installer is needed
  • Compatible with all digital tachographs
  • Simple D8 connection with either a LINK 300/310 or to a LINK 510
  • Sold as separate feature or as part of WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager

TO READ THE FREE REPORT CLICK HERE – then Call us on 0345 459 4998 to find out how we can help you.

Remaining Driver Times

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24 Sep
New TomTom PRO Vehicle Tracking Devices

New TomTom PRO Vehicle Tracking Devices

Once again TomTom leads the way in Vehicle Tracking and Telematics with the release of its next generation PRO Series Driver Terminals

The three all new model line-up delivers state of the art vehicle tracking systems that work seamlessly alongside TomTom’s acclaimed WEBFLEET vehicle management system.

The new PRO devices set the standard in the industry for user experience in making life on the road easier for the workforce.

New Advanced Features –TomTom PRO 7250 Vehicle Tracking

  • Complete new user interface
  • Interactive map and easy access to WEBFLEET
  • Professional device management
  • Lifetime Maps from TomTom

The new TomTom PRO line-up is designed for businesses to provide a better and more flexible service to customers:

TomTom PRO 5250 – view product details here

Portable all-in-one solution that can be connected to WEBFLEET over the air.

TomTom PRO 7250 – view product details here

Reliable connection to WEBFLEET using the TomTom LINK to communicate with the office.TomTom PRO 8270

TomTom PRO 8270 & TomTom PRO 8275 – view product details here

The (17,7 cm) ruggedised driver terminal enables businesses to add bespoke business applications to the device to optimise the workflow on the road and in the office.

Each new TomTom PRO will also be available as a TRUCK version with dedicated features for HGVs, LVGs.


Why Choose TomTom PRO for your Vehicle Tracking –

The new TomTom PRO 5250 and TomTom PRO 7250 carry advanced features that include the ability to be updated with a new device management mechanism either using a SD card (available now) or TomTom MyDrive (available very soon) for software and map updates.

The new mechanism using a SD card supports bulk updates for multiple devices with a single download of the updated file. As part of the Partner Support Service from Independent Tracking we can now assist with the fast updates on these systems. This feature significantly cuts down the time required (and off-road time especially) for updating your devices.

The TomTom PRO 8270 & TomTom PRO 8275 combines the best from the TomTom Bridge and WEBFLEET. It gives us new opportunities to win customers who want to capture additional information from the road by enabling them to customise the device according to their business needs. Updates can be done using a SD card or via WiFi with the new Mobile Device Management platform.

Tom Dickerson Vehicle Tracking Specialst“These new devices from TomTom really are a game changer. There is no other tracking company on the market supplying products that have such advanced and flexible features. The new PRO Series is fully adaptable to the user’s needs.

It includes additional benefits, such as signature capture (ideal for delivery audit trail), records data to support vehicle checks. and provides a truly paperless solution for maximum efficiency”

Tom Dickerson, Vehicle Tracking Specialist, FLEETSense


For more information on how TomTom Vehicle Tracking devices can help drive your business contact us today for a live demo and no-obligation review of your needs and objectives.

FLEETSense is a leading Provider and Installer of vehicle tracking and telematic systems. As TomTom Gold Partners we represent the quality, reliability and trust of a global brand name, combined with the dedicated support and personal attention of an independent specialist with one aim; to help drive your business.

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1 Aug

DVSA Compliance – Desk Based Assessment

Are you ready for DVSA Desk Based Assessments?

Since the merger of the DSA and VOSA the drive to remove non-compliant transport operators continues. The latest development include the newly formed Remote Enforcement Office, which is based in Avonmouth, Bristol.

DVSAIn a bid to continue the streamlined approach to assessments the DVSA are now distributing Desk Based Assessments to transport operators. This represents a shift from the standard practice where DVSA Examiners would make personal visits to Operators.

These letters now request that the Operator supply full evidence to support their compliance with a series of regulations and operating conditions.

Although this desk based assessment seems to be a major and progressive step there is concern that many Operators are simply ill-equipped to provide the supporting evidence that is required.

Obligations that constitute this remote enforcement process includes the ability to provide supporting evidence on the following –

  • Driver licence/CPC/ADR compliance,
  • Drivers hours, working time records
  • Driver defect reporting
  • Preventative maintenance, inspections and forward planning,
  • Driver’s Continual Professional Development
  • Observance of loading/speed limits

This step change follows recent months of evolution from within the DVSA and a desire to both improve the practical relationship between the DVSA and the Transport, and also to speed up the process of enforcement.

In May 2014 Western Traffic Commissioner Sarah Bell said the Traffic Commission hopes to streamline the process between a DVSA examiner visiting an operator’s premises in a targeted check, and bringing them to a public inquiry.

She went on to say that the various Traffic Commissions are this year working with the DVSA on strategies to get non-compliant operators off the road quickly by reducing the amount of time and steps needed before going to a public enquiry. They also want to work more closely with the DVSA.

These developments within the UK transport and haulage industry are set to bring in new ways to maintain compliance. As such there has never been a clearer signal that Transport Operators need to take matters seriously.

Advanced vehicle telematics are now able to provide a practical solution, giving accurate and valid data that provides clear supporting evidence of a commitment to full compliance.

For an independent evaluation and advice on how to prepare for Desk Based Assessment please contact Tom Dickerson of FLEETSense



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1 Aug
tomtom telematics

Tomtom Telematics – Leading the Way

TomTom Telematics tops 400,000 vehicles subscribed to its Software as a Service

Tomtom vehicle tracking solutions have proved to be the industry choice. with Tomtom reporting record numbers of vehicles using this advanced technology.


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