Commercial Vehicle Care & Maintenance


Commercial Vehicle Care & Maintenance:


  • Reduce commercial vehicle wear and tear
  • Improve commercial vehicle maintenance schedules
  • Reduce operating costs and expense
  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Control fleet operating costs


Rising fuel costs are not the only challenge for fleet and transport managers; vehicle servicing pulls profits from the bottom line too. Of course it’s essential to maintain vehicles and ensure optimum efficiency, so where can cost savings be found?

Wear and tear on vehicles isn’t only a result of higher mileage, driver styles and standards can have huge impact on vehicles. Likewise, efficient transport management, focusing on route planning and job flow are also crucial factors.

The increased use of advanced telematics systems, that can greatly improve vehicle use and deployment are proving to be a powerful way achieve better fuel economy and reduce vehicle damage.

By having a greater awareness of daily vehicle use, cutting out unnecessary idling, poor route planning and other factors, can all reduce costs associated with vehicle care and maintenance.

Even more so, careful driver standards are shown to have a significant effect on the risk of accidental damage and collision.

Here are some of the key features of this solution:

  • Remove waste through better vehicle management
  • Control risks from vehicle failure
  • Increase operating time and profits
  • Meet legal obligations and requirements
  • Build driver safety and confidence
  • Demonstrate diligent operating standards

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