Corporate Responsibility


Corporate & Social Responsibility:


  • Explicit attention to Corporate Responsibility
  • Demonstrate a Best-Practice ethos
  • Your commitment to Eco-friendly operating
  • Establish positive management culture
  • Negate risks and corporate liabilities
  • Build brand credibility and reliance


In times of even greater transparency all operators, large and small, need to maintain a clear focus on matters of corporate responsibility.

For some the limited perception of this touches only the main issues; staff safety and local community impact. For many others though there is a rising awareness that all road users, and the professionals in particular, now have more to consider.

The safety and protection of our people is paramount. Ensuring we provide a working environment that meets the needs and the demands of ever-increasing legislation may place an extra burden on employers and operators. And yet now we can do this with greater ease and without causing disruption or loss.

Being environmentally friendly, once a dirty phrase is now very much near the top of the agenda for many big operations, as they recognise how this is perceived by a growing audience, which includes their own customers and other stakeholders.

Taking matters of corporate and social responsibility is no longer about paying lip service, or worse hiding from it until the proverbial hits the fan. It’s now about being proactive in a way that still makes commercial sense.

Telematic systems provide the means to control consumption, monitor and manage driver behaviour and ensure that transport operations are both efficient and effective.

When adopted as part of an integrated approach to better fleet management, which includes elements such as fuel consumption, job flow management, safety and security, the benefits are compounded.

It can often be hard to quantify where corporate responsibility has a tangible impact on business profits, unless of course the result is litigation, or worse, criminal prosecution. The problem is by then it’s all too late.

Here are some of the key features of this solution:

  • Avoid litigation claims
  • Build client confidence
  • Prove and demonstrate diligence
  • Promote ethical operating standards
  • Creating positive social impact
  • Anticipate potential areas of risk

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