Durite Battery Maintainers

Durite is a trusted brand known for its high-quality and reliable battery maintenance solutions for vehicles. Browse our comprehensive range of Durite battery maintainers designed to keep your fleet vehicle batteries in excellent condition during storage or low vehicle usage.


Durite automatic battery maintainers offer hassle-free battery maintenance with intelligent charging technology. These are designed to monitor the battery’s charge level and deliver a prompt charge when needed. Once the battery reaches its full charge level, the maintainer will switch to a maintenance mode which will provide a low, constant charge to keep the battery in optimal condition. With their automatic functionality, Durite automatic battery maintainers are ideal for long-term battery maintenance without the risk of overcharging.


At FLEETSense we prioritise product quality, efficiency and compatibility with a wide range of battery sizes and types. Our Durite battery maintainers are sourced directly from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity and meet our high standards.


Browse our online shop to discover a wide range of Durite battery maintainers to keep your fleet vehicle batteries in optimal condition. If you’re looking for more product information, please explore our shop or if you are in need of any further assistance, please get in touch with us.