Durite LED Beacons

Durite is a trusted brand known for its high-quality and reliable vehicle beacon solutions. FLEETSense stocks a wide range of Durite vehicle beacons designed to provide effective visual signalling and enhance the visibility and safety of your fleet vehicles. 


Durite LED vehicle beacons offer bright and energy-efficient signalling for your fleet vehicles. These beacons use LED technology, providing powerful illumination and improved visibility. Durite LED beacons are available in different colours and mounting options to suit various fleet applications. With their long lifespan, durability, and low power consumption, Durite LED vehicle beacons are a cost-effective and reliable choice for enhancing fleet safety.


Durite rotating vehicle beacons offer classic signalling with their distinctive rotating light pattern. These beacons feature robust motors and reflectors that produce bright and attention-grabbing flashes of light. 


Durite strobe beacons are designed to deliver bright and eye-catching illumination in a variety of conditions and are particularly effective in low-light or high-ambient-noise environments. With their robust construction and weather resistance, Durite strobe vehicle beacons ensure reliable signalling in demanding fleet applications.


Durite magnetic mount vehicle beacons offer versatile and temporary signalling solutions. These beacons feature strong magnets that securely attach to the roof or other metal surfaces of your fleet vehicles without the need for permanent installation. Durite magnetic mount beacons provide flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to quickly and conveniently add or remove signalling as needed. With their reliable attachment and high visibility, Durite magnetic mount vehicle beacons are ideal for fleets that require portable and adaptable signalling options.


At Fleetsense, we prioritise product quality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. Browse our shop for a wide range of Durite vehicle beacons to enhance the visibility and safety of your fleet. For more information on specific products, technical specifications, and pricing, please explore our online shop or contact us today.