Durite Camera Systems

Durite is a well-known trusted brand with high-quality and reliable camera solutions for fleet vehicles. Browse our comprehensive range of Durite vehicle camera systems designed to enhance visibility, safety and also security for your fleet.

Durite reversing camera systems offer enhanced visibility when reversing your fleet vehicles. These usually include a high-resolution camera, a monitor or display unit, wiring and mounting accessories. These reversing camera systems provide a real-time video of the area behind the vehicle, eliminating blind spots and helping drivers navigate with extreme confidence. With night vision options as well as wide angle lenses and waterproof designs – Durite reversing camera systems are essential for preventing accidents and protecting vulnerable road users.

Durite front view camera systems offer an additional layer of visibility for the front area of your fleet vehicles. These provide a real-time video feed of the road ahead which helps drivers anticipate and react to potential hazards. These systems are particularly useful for large commercial vehicles or those operating in congested areas. With wide angle lenses, weatherproof designs and reliable performance – Durite front view camera systems improve safety and provide valuable evidence in case of incidents or accidents.

Durite multi camera systems provide a comprehensive view of your fleet vehicles by incorporating multiple cameras in a single system. These offer simultaneous video feeds from multiple angles , providing drivers with 360 degree view around the vehicle. These also enhance safety, eliminate blind spots and assist drivers whilst manoeuvring. With their advanced control units, customisable configurations and robust cameras – Durite multi camera systems are completely essential for fleets that prioritise safety and efficiency.

Durite DVR systems offer advanced video recording capabilities for your fleet vehicles. These typically include one or more cameras and a DVR unit which records and stores video footage. These provide evidence in case of accidents, incidents or fraudulent claims. With high quality video capture, configurable recording options and reliable storage – Durite DVR systems ensure accurate documentation and assist in driver training and performance monitoring.

At FLEETSense we make sure to prioritise product quality, reliability and compatibility with various fleet vehicles. These are sourced directly from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity and meet the highest standards.

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