Durite Dash Cams

Durite is a trusted brand known for its high-quality and reliable dash cam solutions for fleet vehicles. At FLEETSense, we stock a comprehensive range of Durite dash cams designed to provide video recording, driver monitoring, and enhanced safety for your fleet. 


Durite single-channel dash cams offer reliable video recording capabilities for the front view of your fleet vehicles. These dash cams typically feature high-resolution cameras, loop recording functionality, and built-in GPS for location tracking. Durite single-channel dash cams capture clear video footage of the road ahead, ensuring accurate documentation of incidents, accidents, or road conditions. With their compact design, easy installation, and user-friendly interfaces, Durite single-channel dash cams are essential for maintaining fleet safety and monitoring driver behaviour.


Durite dual-channel dash cams provide comprehensive video recording with simultaneous front and rear view coverage. These dash cams feature two high-resolution cameras to capture footage of the road ahead and the interior or rear view of the vehicle. Durite dual-channel dash cams offer a complete picture of events both inside and outside the vehicle, assisting in accident analysis, driver behaviour monitoring, and passenger safety. With their advanced features, including infrared night vision and event-triggered recording, Durite dual-channel dash cams ensure enhanced safety and comprehensive video documentation.


Durite GPS-enabled dash cams combine video recording with accurate GPS data logging. These dash cams capture video footage while simultaneously recording vehicle speed, location, and route information. Durite GPS-enabled dash cams offer a comprehensive view of fleet activities, helping you monitor driver routes, analyze driving patterns, and identify areas for improvement. With their integrated GPS functionality, these dash cams provide valuable insights into fleet operations, efficiency, and safety.


Durite Motion Sensor Dash Cams offer advanced features that automatically detect and record any motion or impact events, ensuring you have a reliable record of unexpected incidents. Durite Motion Sensor Dash Cams are equipped with highly sensitive motion sensors that can detect even the slightest movement around your vehicle. Whether it’s a parking lot collision, vandalism, or an attempted break-in, these dash cams will start recording and capture the event, providing you with crucial evidence for insurance claims or legal proceedings.


Durite fleet management dash cams offer comprehensive features for fleet monitoring, safety, and efficiency. These dash cams typically integrate with fleet management software and provide real-time video streaming, remote access, and advanced analytics. Durite fleet management dash cams enable live monitoring of fleet vehicles, video telematics, and real-time incident notifications. With their advanced connectivity, cloud storage options, and customizable settings, Durite fleet management dash cams provide a powerful solution for optimising fleet operations and improving safety.


Browse our shop for a wide range of Durite dash cams to enhance safety, video documentation, and driver monitoring for your fleet. For more information on specific products, technical specifications, and pricing, please explore our online shop or contact our team.