Durite LED Light Bars

Durite is a trusted brand known for its high-quality and reliable lighting solutions for fleet vehicles. Browse our comprehensive range of Durite vehicle light bars designed to provide visibility and safety for your fleet.


Durite LED light bars offer bright and energy-efficient lighting for your fleet vehicles. These feature advanced LED technology, saving more power compared to traditional lighting options. These are available in various sizes and mounting options to suit different fleet applications. With their long lifespan, durability and high resistance to vibrations and shocks – Durite LED light bars ensure reliable performance in demanding environments.


Durite emergency light bars are especially designed for emergency and first responder vehicles. These feature high-intensity LED strobe lights, offering attention-grabbing signalling and visibility. These usually include built-in flash patterns, directional functionality and additional features such as built-in sirens or speakers. With rugged construction, weather resistance and compliance with emergency vehicle lighting standards – Durite emergency light bars are essential for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of emergency fleet operations.


Durite warning light bars provide effective visual warning signals for fleet vehicles operating in hazardous or high-traffic areas. These are designed to alert other drivers and pedestrians to the presence of your fleet vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents. Durite warning light bars feature bright LED strobe lights, customisable flash patterns and multiple colour options. With their weatherproofing and compatibility with a range of mounting options, Durite warning light bars offer reliable visibility and safety for your fleet.


At FLEETSense, we make sure to prioritise product quality, reliability and compliance with industry standards. Our Durite vehicle light bars are sourced directly from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity and meet our high standards. 

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