Fleet Management


Efficient Fleet Management Solutions:


  • Improve Organisational Management
  • Optimise Vehicle Deployment
  • Increase Base and Driver Communication
  • Streamline Dispatch Processes
  • Improve Driver Safety
  • Increase Vehicle and Load Security


For well over a decade large players in the logistics industry have known and experienced the benefits of careful Fleet Management. Controlled and careful planning means a job flow for drivers that maximises efficiency, reduces waste and also driver stress and potential fatigue.

Today that power and control is available to all. Small fleet operators, couriers, transport operations and others are able to benefit from advanced but easy-to-use telematics systems that can take the headache out of job flow management.

These systems, pioneered by global brand leaders, have evolved and now harness advanced technology matched with sophisticated software that make effective job flow management fast, simple and highly effective.

Fleet management is much more than ensuring drivers reach a destination on time, or via the quickest route. Telematic systems are now able to go several steps further and actually monitor and measure the delivery of goods, providing valuable data, in real time, to support the whole distribution cycle.

When correctly set up and integrated, telematic fleet management can produce massive increase in productivity, both out on the road and also back at base. Technology now provides us with the means to ensure that our operations are run smoothly and consistently. This is one of the fastest ways to improve efficiency and that translates to instant savings in the form of bigger profits.

Here at FLEETSense we’re making a name for ourselves in providing clear, independent and practical advice and solutions for better fleet management. Contact Tom Dickerson now for a free initial consultation and review.

Here are some of the stunning features of this solution:

  • Smooth and responsive workflow
  • Real-time view of current job status
  • Identify nearest available driver
  • Pre-defined status messages
  • At a glance performance monitoring
  • Improved base to vehicle communication

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