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IMPORTANT UPDATE (12/07/18): GDPR, the new Government Legislation regarding the storage, use and protection of personal data – Are you falling foul of new laws on Drivers’ Data?

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FleetCheck provides a fully integrated management solution that gives you ultimate control. This advanced and acclaimed software solution helps you to manage all aspects of your fleet from one platform.

fleetcheck fleet driver managementManaging your fleet, no matter how small, is more than just keeping the wheels turning. Today we live with more legislation, more regulation and more focus on health, safety and corporate responsibility.

We often find that small business operators incorrectly believe that most rules and regulations don’t apply to them because they are only running a handful of vehicles. This is not the case.

Even if your business runs one or more company vehicles, perhaps even just cars for staff use, you are subject to the same legislation and regulations that require you, under law, to comply.

Unfortunately some only discover this when it is too late. Waiting for an incident to occur is no plan at all and invites problems, some of which can be serious enough to take you off the road and have dire consequences for your business operation.

So taking your responsibilities seriously is not just about the safety of your team, or other road users, it’s about protecting your business.

If you’re not sure if this is relevant to you take a look at the quick self-test below.

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Ten Questions Every Business Running Vehicles Need To Ask –

  1. Are our vehicles roadworthy and legal and how do we know?
  2. Do we carry out regular defect inspections on vehicles?
  3. How do we manage our vehicle maintenance schedule?
  4. How do we assess new drivers and how do we evidence this?
  5. How do we ensure all drivers have a correct and valid license?
  6. How do we ensure our drivers are fit to drive?
  7. Do we have and use a Drivers’ Handbook?
  8. How do we recognise and manage fleet-related risks?
  9. How do we manage and control Drivers’ hours and stay within regulation?
  10. How do we investigate driving and vehicle-related incidents?

If you can’t answer all ten of these points positively you could be risking your vehicles, your drivers and even your business.

You need control and simplicity, reducing time wasted, increasing efficiency and making fleet management a whole lot easier. This is why we chose FleetCheck.

With this advanced solution you can –

Check Licenses – Ensure you meet your legal obligations, check your drivers’ license details are valid and cover correct vehicle types.

Manage Fuel – with FleetCheck you can take full control of your fuel usage maximising efficiency and reducing waste.

Access Telematics – monitor GPS locations, driver behaviour and fuel consumption in real time.

Improve Driving – for professional driver management tools for risk assessment and on-road training

FleetCheck provides Transport Operators and Fleet Managers with a complete management solution, unrivalled in the industry.

The solution is fully customisable for each user and can adapt to the needs of all types of fleet, or size.

You can benefit from FleetCheck’s extensive features and options from just £3 per vehicle, per month.

Compatible with our TomTom Telematics range of devices and hardware, we work closely with FleetCheck to help you build a powerful platform for controlling your business day-to-day and in real time.

Above all though it makes your life easier. It reduces time and resources, makes tasks easier and takes away the guesswork of simply hoping you’re not breaking the rules.

The costs of getting it wrong can be considerable; rejected insurance claims, staff suspensions, vehicles sitting idle, legal claims against you by others (even including your own staff) and large financial penalties for contravention of legal regulations. Don’t wait until this happens to act.

If you’re finding it increasingly challenging to stay on top of your fleet management, perhaps you’re growing fast, then talk to us and let’s explore how this solution could work for you.

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