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Benefit with FORS Membership –

Now FLEETSense can help you become FORS Accredited

The Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) is designed to provide a benchmark for safety and best practice in our industry.

FLEETSense is proud to be a Member of FORS and registered Associate (ID:A00288). This means we provide unique offers and additional benefits to FORS Accredited Operators.

It also means we can help you meet the requirements of being FORS compliant, demonstrating your serious commitment to a safer and greener operation, whether you’re aiming for Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation.

Gaining FORS Accreditation requires Fleet Operators to run vehicles that meet certain standards, these include things like vehicle cameras and other safety equipment.

If you’re already an existing FORS Member you can take advantage of our Special Offers on a range of products, including Vehicle Tracking and Telematics, as well as Vehicle Cameras and other Safety Equipment.

You can find out more about this by visiting the FORS website now.

Why FORS Matters –

With the drive towards better standards and an accreditation scheme that is recognised across Europe, FORS can open a range of opportunities that are only available to members.

FORS is an example of the desire for better self-regulation within the Transport industry, with a focus on safety, efficiency and commitment to better environmental protection.

For example, certain construction projects require all operators to be FORS accredited in order to be able to operate and supply services onsite. Likewise, a number of Local Authorities across the UK are now making FORS Accreditation a requirement for certain suppliers.

This sets a benchmark that demonstrates professional commitment and is designed to reduce risks and provide a safe working environment for all involved.

As this push towards better and more transparent self-regulation grows transport companies who fail to keep up will see certain commercial opportunities reduce.

More than this though, FORS is also about demonstrating to your current client base your commitment to better standards and professional credentials, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Watch now to understand more about how FORS could benefit your transport business –

Your Next Step –

If you’d like to know more about becoming a FORS Accredited Fleet Operator, or to find out what benefits and discounts are available to you, if you’re already a member, speak with us today.

Contact our specialist team direct on – 0345 459 4998 – or simply complete the form below to get more information and request a call back.

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