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    FORS – Fleet Operator Registration Scheme


    Benefit with FORS Membership

    The Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) is designed to provide a benchmark for safety and best practice in our industry.

    FLEETSense is proud to be a Member of FORS and registered Associate (ID:A00288). This means we provide unique offers and additional benefits to FORS Accredited Operators.

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    It also means we can help you meet the requirements of being FORS compliant, demonstrating your serious commitment to a safer and greener operation, whether you’re aiming for Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation.

    Gaining FORS Accreditation requires Fleet Operators to run vehicles that meet certain standards, these include things like vehicle cameras and other safety equipment.

    If you’re already an existing FORS Member you can take advantage of our Special Offers on a range of products, including Vehicle Tracking and Telematics, as well as Vehicle Cameras and other Safety Equipment.

    Why FORS Matters

    With the drive towards better standards and an accreditation scheme that is recognised across Europe, FORS can open a range of opportunities that are only available to members.

    FORS is an example of the desire for better self-regulation within the Transport industry, with a focus on safety, efficiency and commitment to better environmental protection.

    For example, certain construction projects require all operators to be FORS accredited in order to be able to operate and supply services onsite. Likewise, a number of Local Authorities across the UK are now making FORS Accreditation a requirement for certain suppliers.

    FORS fleet operator
    FORS Construction industry

    This sets a benchmark that demonstrates professional commitment and is designed to reduce risks and provide a safe working environment for all involved.

    As this push towards better and more transparent self-regulation grows transport companies who fail to keep up will see certain commercial opportunities reduce.

    More than this though, FORS is also about demonstrating to your current client base your commitment to better standards and professional credentials, keeping you ahead of the competition.

    To find out how FLEETSense can help you gain FORS Accreditation contact us now, or call – 0345 459 4998.

    Why Work With FleetSense?


    Economy & Efficiency

    Allow technology to assist and improve better route planning and scheduling.
    Reducing wasted journeys, driving time and providing better economy through fuel savings and vehicle maintenance.


    Security &

    Increase asset driver and load safety through security measures including CCTV vehicle cameras. View remote livestream video. Increase driver safety and reduce insurance accident claims.


    Better Task Management

    Gain efficiency savings through paperless workflow and task processes. Enable drivers and agents to remotely data capture and communicate with your base.




    “Over a short period of time FLEETSense established an excellent relationship with us, going the extra mile to deliver on products and service.

    “I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.”

    - Andrew Simmons, Transport Manager, Middleton Aggregates


    “We chose FLEETSense to supply this and provide a solution that was specific to our exact needs. Tom and the team have given us an excellent service and now we have real peace of mind that we’re better protected.

    “A professional and experienced team that we’d certainly recommend to others in this industry”

    - Nick Pearson, Transport Director, Safepac International


    This solution has led to a reduction in the number of accidents: last year insurance claims amounted to £214,000, and this year it has reduced to £88,000.
    Fuel saving has been incredible; £90,000 saving in just 1 year!!

    - Michael Rayner, Operation Director, Zenith Hygiene Group


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