The Paperless Data Capture Solution

Managing your business on paper is not only hard work, it’s expensive and creates a lot of waste. And we’re not just talking about the physical paper either. Hunting for forms, chasing up staff and colleagues is a drain on time and reduces efficiency.

This problem is magnified considerably when your business operates out in the field and especially if you’re running a fleet of drivers or agents. Thankfully, the days of using paper (like notepads and NCR sets) are quickly being replaced with electronic alternatives, companies can now see the sense and feel the benefits of moving to a paperless workflow.

For over fifteen years INKWRX has led the way in paperless data capture. This mobile solution enables you to create and manage your own business forms.

The main difference with INKWRX solutions is the ability to create custom e-forms that are designed specifically for your needs. These are your forms and can be used to capture the data you actually need, quickly, efficiently and easily.

At FLEETSense we have the advantage of being both Reseller Partners with the leaders in Vehicle Telematics, as well as being totally independent. Working closely with our clients, across all sectors of the transport industry, we know what challenges arise, costing time and draining profits.

This means that we’re able to seek out, test and recommend solutions that we know work and make a real difference to our clients and customers.

Being able to capture data, in the way you want, manage this and report back when you’re in the field is now an essential for every mobile workforce.

When we discovered INKWRX we knew there was a good reason to find out more and see exactly how this mobile solution could provide solid benefits.

INKWRX provides a smooth and simple way to quickly create custom forms that can be used for data capture through a range of mobile devices.

A clear and logical way of creating forms means that you can create perfect data capture and achieve results in minutes, not days!

building custom forms

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to customise your data capture, especially for a mobile workforce, then we recommend that you take a serious look at this solution.

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Watch this video to quickly learn how the various features and benefits of INKWRX could help your business –


Building your own custom forms in INKWRX is not only simple, it’s very fast. Traditionally creating digital forms required a huge amount of work and effort.

Today with INKWRX you can literally create fully-functional forms in as little as ten minutes. Forms can be produced to provide clear and easy data-capture, ideal for remote workers, delivery drivers, stock controllers, etc.

inkwrx custom forms

And it gets even better; INKWRX mobile solution works on TomTom PRO devices, giving your people the perfect combination of industry-leading hardware, with cutting-edge software.

If you’d like to know more and speak with professional who understands your industry and this technology, please get in touch with us today.

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