Job Flow – Efficient Fleet Management

Job Flow –

Efficient Fleet Management

Unlock faster, easier job flow management with advanced technology –

Arranging jobs, managing drivers, planning routes, recording deliveries, accounting and more. These are just some of the day-to-day tasks that every Fleet Manager has to deal with.

Working in the transport and logistics industry is so much more than just trucks or vans and drivers. The effective control of assets, from vehicles to human resources, is what really makes a transport business tick.

job flow managementAs every Fleet Operator and Transport Manager knows, the daily tasks are endless and ever-changing. So the way you plan and manage needs to be efficient, simple and flexible.

Thankfully this is where technology steps in. You no longer need to struggle with bits of paper and hacking spreadsheets. Let us show you how dedicated software solutions can provide a far more powerful solution and help you cut administration time, reduce waste and errors.

We’ve built a portfolio of solutions that help you manage your work with less fuss, more easily and quicker.

As a Partner of the leading solutions providers we can give independent advice on ways to streamline your processes and maximise profits.

Job Flow Solutions Include –

Managing drivers’ hours – by using TomTom WEBFLEET you can keep control of your driver’s hours, improve safety and stay compliant

Dynamic route-planning and scheduling – Get your vehicles and loads to the correct destination, quickly and economically

Direct driver communications – Good management is all about good communications. Send data and information in real-time, stay connected

Paperless task management – Forget NCR-sets, clipboards and random scraps of paper. Complete vital checks and other tasks online

Electronic Point of Delivery (EPOD) Recording – Give drivers the ability to record delivery notes, capture signature and other data, electronically

At FLEETSense our mission is to improve your transport business operation from end-to-end. In a fast-moving and highly competitive industry it makes sense to use every advantage possible.

As specialists in our field we’ll take the time to understand your operation, your needs and show you how the latest technology can help you to increase results and reduce costs.

We partner with some of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers to provide cutting-edge solutions. At the same time, as an independent business we place your needs at the core of everything we do and only provide the most suitable and appropriate solutions.

Contact us now for a free and no-obligation conversation and let us help you unlock your true business potential.

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