Meet the team

Meet the team

Tom Dickerson Fleet Sense

Tom Dickerson
Managing Director

With over 12 years experience in the telematics industry Tom Dickerson, Managing Director at Independent Tracking, has more understanding than most of a clients needs in this fast-moving field.

Starting his career with Tracker in 2002, selling their Vehicle Asset Management product, Tom gained valuable experience of new technology and advanced systems designed to improve fleet management and efficiency.

Since then he has worked within various organisations of the Tracking and Telematics industry and played an active role in the development of this effective and rapidly advancing technology, through understanding the real needs of end-users.

In 2008 Tom took the decision to incorporate Independent Tracking in order to be able to offer vehicle and fleet management solutions based on clients specific requirements. This, married with a partnership with a world-leading brand, has created a potent offering.

Tom has accumulated a proven track record of delivering effective solutions that make a tangible difference; increasing efficiency, reducing waste and improving fleet management.

He specialises in delivering bespoke solutions that help fleet managers rapidly improve Job-Flow, as well as driving significant cost savings that create a positive and tangible impact on the bottom-line.


Sally Dickerson Fleet Sense

Sally Dickerson
Director & Head of Service

Sally joined husband Tom on a full time basis at Independent Tracking (now FLEETSense) back in October 2012 following the birth of their second child

Sally’s previous career includes key roles in Sales & Marketing, working across the range in several different areas.

Now as a Co-Director of FLEETSense, Sally partners with Tom and together create an effective and dynamic team that works in partnership with clients.

With an attention to detail and an appreciation of how important customer-led teams are, Sally brings a complimentary skill set to the business that she is now so passionate about.

Sally also works directly with Key Clients and our major suppliers, maintaining a very close understanding of the day-to-day needs of our clients and business.