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Providing fleet managers, haulage firms and private individuals with driving aids to facilitate safer driving, and complete protection against the ever increasing threat from fraudulent insurance claims on our roads. The SVC1080-LVC Dashcam from Smartwitness can prove your innocence, protect your licence and safeguard your no claims discount

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Product Description

Smartwitness DashCam Security

Vehicle Journey / Accident Recorder with tamperproof locking case

The SmartWitness SVC1080-LCA Dashcam (which replaces the SVC100GPS) has been developed to provide critical evidence of events leading up to and during a road traffic accident. This dashcam is small and unobtrusive and is designed to look like it is part of the vehicle, preventing any unwanted attention from passengers or passers by.

The product comes with a 4GB recording SD card as standard but with 16GB and 32GB upgrades available to extend recording times (See Recording Times Here)

SVC1080-LCA from Smartwitness Dashcam is designed for a hardwired installation. This product is suitable for business applications where security of installation is paramount.

Read More about the SVC1080-LCA – Download the full Datasheet – HERE

DIY Installation is also achievable by adding a cigarette lighter adapter and dashboard/windscreen mount.

On board evidence

Had an accident? Not your fault…..prove it with a SmartWitness Dashcam; these people did!


The evidence can protect a driver from many of the issues faced during todays driving conditions:

Cash for crash / pre-meditated staged accidents
False / Exaggerated whiplash claims
Conflicting reports of actual events
Lack of witnesses
Driving offence allegations (speed cameras, traffic signal etc)

How it works   

The Smartwitness Dashcam unit can prove your innocence, protect your licence, safeguard your no claims discount and evidence what really happened; before during and after an incident/accident. It does this by recording the following information:

Drivers view of the road
Vehicle location
Impact force of an accident
Driving style (speed, acceleration, braking, steering) 


SVC-CL: Cigarette lighter adapter

SVC100UMB: Dashboard or windscreen mount removable bracket

4MB SD Card: 6 hours continual recording time (approx)

16MB SD Card: 22 hours continual recording time (approx)

32MB SD Card: 44 hours continual recording time (approx)


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