TomTom Link510

TomTom Link510

The TomTom LINK 510 is designed to connect with the vehicles in your fleet. Our top-of-the-range tracking device with digital in- and outputs supports your vehicles’ FMS interface and works in sync with your digital tachograph.

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Product Description

TomTom LINK 510 – Vehicle tracking device with advanced integration

If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, you’ll know it’s vital to manage it as efficiently as possible. But to do this you need the best information – and that means using the smartest tracking device.

The TomTom LINK 510 is designed to connect with the vehicles in your fleet. Our top-of-the-range tracking device with digital in- and outputs supports your vehicles’ FMS interface and works in sync with your digital tachograph. That means you’ll get all the data you need to minimise costs, maximise productivity – and keep your customers happy.

How it works

The TomTom LINK 510 is a vehicle tracking device that can be installed flexibly and quickly into any heavy vehicle – thanks to external GPS and GSM antennas. It delivers driving and vehicle information directly to WEBFLEET, which you can view on a map, dashboard and in a comprehensive set of reports – making it simple to analyse working hours, fuel cost, driving performance and more.


The TomTom LINK 510 is the leading commercial vehicle tracking device with advanced vehicle integration possibilities. The vehicle tracking device delivers real time and historical information about how, when and where your vehicles are being used. You can analyze working hours, fuel costs and driving performance quickly and easily.

The vehicle tracking device that gives you better insights:

Receive live driving and working time information from your vehicles’ digital tachograph.

Stay compliant and save time and money with remote download of digital tachograph data.

Save fuel – use the FMS interface to monitor fuel consumption and fuel level.

Know exactly where your vehicles are at all times.

Generate automated reports detailing mileage, route, driving time and time spent on location.

Monitor driving behaviour to ensure your mobile workers are driving efficiently and responsibly.


The TomTom LINK 510 gives you all the information you need to save time and money, and increase the productivity of your workforce.

Comply with driving hours legislation

Connect the LINK 510 to the vehicle’s digital tachograph to download, analyse and archive your tachograph data.

Automate and schedule your remote download of digital tachograph data.

Choose drivers that have enough time left behind the wheel to complete the next job.

Simplify working time registration for drivers and co-drivers – all the necessary information can be viewed in WEBFLEET reports.

Increase drivers’ safety by making sure they follow driving time legislation.

Save on fuel

The LINK 510 can be connected to your vehicles’ FMS interface, giving you the data you need to improve fuel efficiency.

Monitor fuel consumption and fuel level.

Promote a greener driving style to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions with driving performance measurement.

Detect idling and get reports about over-revving.

Protect your assets

Enhance your vehicle and driver security by connecting the LINK 510 to your vehicle using digital input/output*.

Keep drivers and cargo secure with remote door lock functionality.

Enforce driver identification to register who is behind the wheel.

Increase the security of your drivers with an emergency button.

Detect fuel level fluctuation.

Improve your customer service

Keep your customers informed every step of the way.

Provide your customers with the industry’s most reliable arrival-time information.

Inform your customers straight away if there will be a delay and give them a new ETA.


Hassle-free installation. We aim for a total user experience; it’s not just the use of the product that needs to be easy, it’s the full experience. That is why TomTom have made sure that the installation of the TomTom LINK 510 is extremely easy and can be completed promptly by a qualified auto-electrician. In addition to this most maintenance can be done ‘over the air’ so your business is not disrupted.

No fuss

The LINK 510 unit can be fitted to a vehicle’s dashboard or hidden away behind the dashboard – whichever is most convenient. Once it’s securely in place, it’s connected to the vehicle’s power supply, ignition and any other digital input devices required. While installing the unit is a relatively quick and easy process, it should only be undertaken by a qualified installer.


TomTom offers a range of complementary products to the TomTom LINK. You can add additional value to the TomTom LINK 510 with the following accessories.

TomTom ecoPLUS™

Are you looking for a smart way to save fuel? With ecoPLUS you get real-time view of the fuel efficiency of every vehicle in your fleet, also showing where and when the fuel was wasted. As environmental regulations tighten, the race is on for companies to prove their Corporate Social Responsibility by lowering their CO2 emissions ecoPLUS helps you achieve that, this isn’t just good for the environment it can also benefit your bottom line.  Learn more

TomTom PRO 7100

The PRO 7100 gives you the best possible navigation tools to help you get from A to B faster, and stress-free, whilst ensuring the professional driver’s safety, guaranteeing that the driver will not only get there, but will do so in as little time possible, and fuel efficient. The extended memory and extensive map coverage provides all content an international workforce would need. Learn more

TomTom Remote LINK Working Time

The TomTom Remote LINK Working Time is designed to track the working hours of individuals and groups travelling in your company cars, trucks and vans. Employees just use the remote control to register the moment they start work, take a break or head for home. So you end up with an accurate record of everyone’s working hours, not just the driver’s.

TomTom Remote LINK Logbook

The TomTom Remote LINK Logbook is a remote control device that lets you see exactly how your fleet vehicles are being used. Employees just click a button to register a journey as personal, commuting or business mileage, helping you monitor the number and nature of miles driven.

TomTom External GPS Antenna

If you’ve installed your TomTom LINK 510 in a place where GPS reception for the integrated GPS-antenna of the TomTom LINK is obstructed, you can use the external GPS antenna from TomTom. It comes with a 2.5 m cable, so that you can also easily attach it to the outside of the vehicle.

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