TomTom PRO 5350 TRUCK

  • TomTom PRO Vehicle Tracking Device

TomTom PRO 5350 TRUCK

The New TomTom PRO5350 – Advanced Features Vehicle Navigation System.

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Product Description

NEW – TomTom PRO 5350 TRUCK

Vehicle Navigation & Tracking


The new PRO 5350 TRUCK from TomTom –

The complete vehicle navigation and fleet management solution for your business

Newly launched in 2018, the TomTom PRO 5350 TRUCK replaces the PRO 5250 TRUCK Driver Terminal, offering new advanced features to this already industry-leading Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Terminal.

The TomTom PRO 5 and 7 Series Driver Terminals are now smarter and faster than ever. This state-of-the-art technology gives you the ability to stay connected with your drivers and for them to have the tools needed to get to desired locations in the quickest, safest and most efficient way.

Now with WiFi enabled capability this new PRO 5350 TRUCK makes updates even quicker and easier. This feature, developed by popular request from TomTom users, makes updating your PRO Units much simpler and less time-consuming, especially for larger vehicle fleets.

The PRO 5350 TRUCK is also a Stand-Alone Unit, with no requirement for any additional vehicle hardware, such as the TomTom Link Unit. It is supplied with cradle and ancillary cables, etc.

Popular Features Include:

Lifetime Traffic Information – TomTom Traffic is the most advanced, real-time, live reporting traffic system available.

  • Data Fusion from multiple sources
  • Ultra Precise Traffic Queue Length Reporting
  • Stopped Traffic Alerts – Valuable Queue Tail Warning

Lifetime Speed Camera Reporting – Avoid costly penalties with Speed Camera Alerts and speed limit warnings.

  • Covers Fixed, Mobile and Average Speed Cameras
  • Advance warning reduces the risk of sudden limit changes
  • Clear visual display and sound notifications

Advanced Lane Guidance – This helps drivers of all size of vehicles to benefit from advance warning for lane changing.

  • Displays exploded photo-realistic views of complex junctions
  • Avoid missed exits or junctions, which normally result in wasted time and costs
  • Improves driver safety and road courtesy, as well as reducing driver stress


What’s New With TomTom PRO 5350 & 7350 Driver Terminals (including PRO Truck Models) –

TomTom PRO 5350


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WEBFLEET Functionality

TomTom PRO Terminal with World-leading Application

When partnered with TomTom WEBFLEET Online fleet management you will be able to –

  • Always know where your vehicles are
  • Control and manage orders, dispatch times and delivery
  • Maintain contact with your drivers with two-way text features
  • Record and log driving time, keep mileage and fuel records

Multiple System Functionality with the NEW TomTom PRO 5350 TRUCK

The NEW TomTom PRO 5350 TRUCK combines a suite of WEBFLEET enabled functions that put power and control in your hands.

Best in Class Navigation; with Lifetime Maps, means your drivers are always up-to-date

Powerful Communications Resource; send messages and clear instructions for drivers to use

Logbook Recording and Reporting; drivers can easily switch between business and private use.

 Reporting Working Time; aid compliance with easy record-keeping for work and breaks.

 Portable and flexible, this unit can be exchanged from vehicle to vehicle.

 Self-contained Unit, with easy install/de-install, ideal for leased vehicles.

TomTom quality and reliability – advanced technical solutions from a quality global brand.

TomTom PRO 5350

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