TomTom PRO 8270

  • TomTom PRO 8270

TomTom PRO 8270

The New TomTom PRO5250 – Best In Class Navigation System.


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Product Description

TomTom PRO 8270 Navigation & Tracking

The new PRO 8270 from TomTom – Power and Flexibility in your vehicle telematics

The TomTom PRO 8270 helps you and your business keep moving forward with accuracy, flexibility and control. Combining the latest navigation and fleet management technology this new solution provides complete flexibility through an Open Platform. This means you can seamlessly connect your existing business applications with WEBFLEET from TomTom.

A powerful and completely adaptive solution we are proud to present this advanced technology, which will enable you to build a system that meets your exact needs. The high-quality and rugged design provides a reliable hardware solution that comes with a name you already know and trust.

Key Features –

  • A 7″ fully ruggedized driver terminal designed to work hard for you
  • Fully customizable Open Source Platform delivers complete control¬†
  • Easy serviceability with remote device management via WiFi
  • Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras*
  • Connect to WEBFLEET via TomTom Link Unit



Bring real power and flexibility to your remote workforce with TomTom PRO 8270

The NEW TomTom PRO 8270 Navigation and Tracking System combines advanced technology with complete customisable flexibility

Fully adaptive technology – the only device that adjusts itself to your business

Customise this unit to modify WEBFLEET workflow to suit your exact needs

Now you can create bespoke business applications to run with this device

Standardise your processes – ensure consistent Service Standards across your operation

TomTom quality and reliability – advanced technical solutions from a quality global brand.


Open Platform Provides Complete Customisation

The latest TomTom 8270 Navigation and Tracking Device provides the latest in advanced vehicle navigation and control. It incorporates –

Digitise every step of your workflow process

Create Question Path options for vehicle checks, driver reporting, etc.

Capture digital signature at point of delivery and secure audit trail

Ideally suited to the Delivery and Service Sector, Utilities and Field Operatives

Your dynamic solution for complete compliance and regulation reporting