Our Telematics Solutions

We have built our business by providing technology that gives you the freedom to move. Our technology provides individuals with the information and security they need to roam with confidence. And it gives businesses the knowledge and insight they need to impress customers in challenging times.

The technology based solutions which we provide deliver the information you need, the moment you need it. Information that has a direct impact on your business growth, enabling you to provide a better service, increase your productivity, generate more profit and ensure your sustainability – while helping to keep your staff safe on the road. To succeed as a mobile business you need to keep things moving at all times, under any circumstances. Only then can you leverage the full potential of your dispersed workers and company vehicles.

Fuel Economy: Whether you are running three vehicles for your sales team, or three hundred vehicles across your logistics fleet, the issue of fuel economy needs serious attention and ultra-careful management.

Job Flow: For well over a decade large players in the logistics industry have known and experienced the benefits of careful Job Flow Management. Controlled and careful planning means a job flow for drivers that maximises efficiency, reduces waste and also driver stress and potential fatigue.

Safety & Security: Frequent news reports and stories of corporate liability are’t the only reason why Transport Managers, Logistics Managers and Directors need to take safety and security seriously. There is clear evidence that shows good management and planning also increases profitability and a strong, sustainable business.

Corporate Responsibility: In times of even greater transparency all operators, large and small, need to maintain a clear focus on matters of corporate responsibility.

Vehicle Care and Maintenance: Rising fuel costs aren’t the only challenge for fleet and transport managers; vehicle servicing pulls profits from the bottom line too. Of course i’s essential to maintain vehicles and ensure optimum efficiency, so where can cost savings be found?

Brand Identity and Customer Service: Every time a driver takes a company vehicle onto the road they represent the business and brand identity of their employer. Other motorists, road users and pedestrians are now far more likely to voice their concerns, frustrations and even anger at poor standards of professional drivers.

Tax Planning and Finance: Over recent months there has been a significant tightening of controls and inspection for tax and spending on commercial vehicle use. In the UK, HMRC is no longer willing to accept poor record keeping in relation to fuel usage and mileage claims, especially for larger firms and fleet management.