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Over recent past there has been a significant tightening of controls and inspection for tax and spending on commercial vehicle use.

In the UK, HMRC is no longer willing to accept poor record keeping in relation to fuel usage and mileage claims, especially for larger firms and fleet management. With the burden of proof on the shoulders of companies to demonstrate accurate vehicle management many are finding themselves caught out, potentially wasting profits through costs that simply cannot be reclaimed.

Tax inspections now require companies to be able to evidence legitimate business use. It can often be difficult to prove exactly how a company vehicle is used, especially in the case of vehicles used by sales staff, etc. where it is often used for personal transport needs too.

Telematics systems are a simple and automated way to achieve this control and provide accurate records of vehicle use, which benefits both the internal financial management, as well as meeting the demands of HMRC and other tax-related authorities.

Using a proven system of cost control, where legitimate business use can be reclaimed is a simple way to recover costs, support genuine claims and stay on the right side of the authorities.

Here are some of the vital features of this solution:

  • Align your brand and operating culture
  • Build trust and confidence in your clients
  • Demonstrate positive business ethics
  • Serve customers and meet needs directly
  • Build long-term customer relationships
  • Create positive impact in your social community

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