Brand Identity and Customer Service


Brand Identity & Customer Service:


  • Build strong corporate brand identity
  • Establish brand culture and ethos
  • Serve your customers effectively
  • Differentiate from the competition
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Present an ethical approach to business


Every time a driver takes a company vehicle onto the road they represent the business and brand identity of their employer.

Other motorists, road users and pedestrians are now far more likely to voice their concerns, frustrations and even anger at poor standards of professional drivers. And now the opportunity to voice those concerns are just as likely to end up in the Social Media community. Sometimes with catastrophic results.

Maintaining good public relations, a healthy brand identity and social responsibility within our communities are essential to good business. Whilst the majority of professional drivers take their responsibilities seriously, some would choose to believe that once on the road they are personally immune to criticism or discipline.

Knowing where you fleet is, how vehicles are being driven and ensuring that drivers recognise their accountability are all vital to maintaining good public image and reputation.

Equally important is the benefit of having evidence to support drivers who may be wrong accused. This is not only about company PR, it also touches the subject of legal responsibility and having evidence to refute false claims and accusation.

In particular in the case of multi-drop delivery services, both to domestic and business premises, it’s vital to know how customers have been served. Telematics systems are a powerful tool in combating fraudulent no delivery claims and other issues.


Here are some of the major benefits of this solution:

  • Align your brand and operating culture
  • Build trust and confidence in your clients
  • Demonstrate positive business ethics
  • Serve customers and meet needs directly
  • Build long-term customer relationships
  • Create positive impact in your social community

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