Finally, a small, very smart way to track your trailers

A simple and cost-effective way to know exactly where your assets are

Managing a fleet of HGVs with articulated trailers is all about speed and efficiency. If you’re moving your assets about the country you want to know exactly where they are. This is where the new Trailer-Eye gives you complete control.

This newly designed technology solves a problem, easily and at low-cost. With smart, innovative design these little trackers are easily hidden in your trailers, require no batteries and use GPS, GSM and RF to accurately identify the exact location.

Now you can benefit from this new technology from FLEETSense, an Official UK Distributor.

Benefits –

No Batteries Required – Trailer-Eye uses ‘super-caps’ to store power when wired into trailer lights, giving up to 48hrs of tracking location, even when not powered.

Frequent Position Reporting – with constant power from running lights the Trailer-Eye sends back location every 2 minutes. If connected to brake or indicators, every 2-8 minutes.

No Interference – clever design means Trailer-Eye does not interfere with the vehicle or trailer’s electrical circuit. When correctly fitted, the unit is able to draw power and recharge.

Security Made Simple – it’s not just about the value of your trailer assets, it’s about being able to get on with the job at hand. With Trailer-Eye you have effective security in place.

Smart Memory System – if unable to generate a GSM-fix for location the Trailer-Eye will store up to 5 previous locations and show this on the control dashboard back at base.

Guaranteed Quality – clever little gizmos are great but you need confidence that they’ll work when you really need them. Trailer-Eye comes with a 5-Year Guarantee (conditions apply).

Control At your Fingertips – choose either the Lite or Pro options and see your trailer locations through the smart dashboard online.


How It Works –

trailer-eyeTrailer-Eye uses advanced technology to send tracking location signals with GSM, GPS and RF. Using micro electronics it fits neatly and discreetly into the trailer, with power drawn from the lighting electrical circuit, meaning it requires no batteries.

With energy stored in the Trailer-Eye unit it is able to transmit geo-location, even when the trailer has been disconnected and un-powered, for up to two days.

We can arrange for professional installation on your trailer units, or this can be fitted by an experienced Auto-Electrician (please note conditions relating to self-installation and guarantee).

Through the Trailer-Eye dashboard portal you’re able to see exactly where your trailer units are, locating them for speedy turnaround and deployment.

Use Trailer-Eye To –

  • Improve your turnaround time on trailers for optimum efficiency and productivity
  • Grow your assets ROI; making your trailers work harder and reducing dead-time
  • Reduce wasted time searching for your trailers and focus on more profitable tasks
  • Use ‘Geo-Fencing’ notifications that advise you of arrival and departure times
  • Locate lost or stolen trailers for a quick recovery and cut out insurance issues

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trailer eye


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