Transport Security & Safety


Transport Security & Safety:


  • Know exactly where your vehicles are in real-time
  • Assess, control and manage risk profiles
  • Record evidence through direct reporting
  • Instill safe and efficient driving behaviour
  • Protect valuable and high-risk loads
  • Reduce risk of criminal acts and minimise liabilities


Frequent news reports and stories of corporate liability aren’t the only reason why Transport Managers, Logistics Managers and Directors need to take safety and security seriously.

It should go without saying that all employers take a serious view of their responsibility for staff safety and security. However, it goes beyond this and there is clear evidence that shows good management and planning also increases profitability and a strong, sustainable business.

Road transport in all its forms carries a degree of risk. When transporting high-value or dangerous goods this increases significantly. And it’s not only the potential for criminal and deliberate acts that we need to take proactive measures.

With the UK road network more congested than ever, and driving standards of both professional and domestic users under more scrutiny, it’s vital to ensure your team are prepared and protected.

The use of in cab cameras is on the rise and for very good reasons. Deliberate acts of criminals have increased significantly, with rising pressures on insurers that are naturally passed on to policy holders. The professional transport industry is a prime target.

Knowing where your drivers and vehicles are is vital. Knowing that your cargo and goods can be tracked is essential and new technology now provides a level of safety and security that provides real peace of mind.

These safety and security issues are not just about reducing and controlling risk, they are also able to drive tangible cost benefits and savings. Reducing waste through the control of insurance premiums is a simple way to add instant profits. Insurers now work closely with policy holders who choose to adopt technology that can significantly increase and improve safety and security of drivers, vehicles and goods.

We work closely with clients and partners to provide effective and bespoke solutions that are easy to use, quick to implement and simple to manage.

Here are some of the key features of this solution:

  • Build client confidence through diligence
  • Maintain a secure vehicle fleet
  • Provide secure driving environment
  • Benefit from preferential insurance premiums
  • Meet driving time legislation
  • Better allocation of driver resources

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