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Vehicle Tracking –

Our Top Recommended Vehicle Tracker for Stolen Vehicle Recovery


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  • The only stolen vehicle tracking system with approval from all 52 UK Police Forces
  • Reliable, effective protection for your vehicle. Over £487M of assets recovered with this technology
  • With live monitoring through GPS, GSM and VHF technology your vehicle is under constant guard

With over twenty years of research and development TRACKER has become the UK’s leading Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. This is why we recommend this brand and technology.

In the UK a vehicle is stolen every five minutes, the vast majority will never be recovered. With TRACKER on-board you can demolish the odds and beat the thieves.

Over 95% of vehicles fitted with TRACKER vehicle tracking are recovered and 86% of these are recovered within 24hrs. The advanced VHF and GPS tracking technology enables your vehicle to be located no matter where it’s hidden.

How Does It Work?

1. Notify TRACKER and the Police as soon as you are aware that your vehicle has been stolen some TRACKER units also activate on motion sensors for immediate alert and to confirm the theft with you.

2. TRACKER HQ will activate your device to transmit a unique signal in order to locate it Using both VHF and GPS technology your vehicle can be located, even if held in steel storage unit, or underground car-park.

3. Once located the Police will attend to secure your vehicle and apprehend where possible. We can even arrange for your vehicle to be guarded securely until your collection.

More than just your peace of mind –

With TRACKER fitted you start experiencing the benefits instantly. A fully Thatcham Approved vehicle tracking system you can benefit from discounted insurance premiums once installed. TRACKER can be used across all vehicle types, from sports cars and exotics, to classic and vintage.

TRACKER also provides a practical security solution for caravans, horse trailers, farm vehicles, off-road vehicles, quad bikes, plant machinery and more.

Using TRACKER to protect your vehicle is also about being practical –

The loss of a vehicle can be a major headache. Arranging hire cars, dealing with insurance and also the possible loss of other property in the vehicle can all be frustrating and time consuming. Fast recovery of your vehicle is the best way to reduce the impact of being the victim of vehicle theft.

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