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Advanced Vehicle Protection from VIRTUS with FLEETSense

High-Quality, Multi-Feature Witness Cameras, Combined with Best Pricing


FLEETSense is excited to announce this new exclusive Reseller Partnership with VIRTUS Fleet, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of advanced Vehicle Witness Camera Systems.

After extensive research and review we’ve agreed to present the new and advanced VIRTUS Fleet Vehicle Cameras. Likewise, we’ve been delighted to accept a special Reseller Partnership, with exclusive territory rights.

We’ve been massively impressed with the new vehicle camera range from VIRTUS Fleet, which carry a suite of important and impressive features and functionality.

These include –

  • High-Quality, extra-wide camera lenses for better image capture and resolutions
  • G-Sensor activation and essential Event Recording, in addition to constant 1080p video recording
  • Live-Streaming video reporting back to base; allowing you to see and track vehicles in real time
  • Encrypted Recording and Anti-Tamper security, protecting your data and ensuring confidentiality
  • Real Time Parking Modes, meaning you vehicles continue to be protected even when parked
  • Second Camera Input and Reversing Monitoring provides both front and rear vehicle protection
  • Format Free Technology saves you hours of manually formatting SD Cards

VIRTUS Fleet have invested over £1M in R&D to create the very best and most effective Vehicle Safety Equipment, designing features around the specific needs of UK Fleet Managers and Transport Operators. Now we want to show you how this can benefit your business.

Quality Counts –

VIRTUS_TITAN 1_ESHOT-01Cheaper, low-end cameras can fail to provide quality footage, adequate to defend spurious accident claims, or simply provide quality evidence.

Whereas more advanced systems, specifically designed for the professional transport market, can mean the difference between successfully winning insurance claims, or risk facing having vehicles (and sometimes drivers) taken off the road.

Thankfully this cutting-edge technology, together with improved production systems, mean you can benefit from the best without breaking the bank. VIRTUS Fleet cameras represent inexpensive excellence.

Tomorrow’s Technology Today –

We’ve now gone a long way forward from simple ‘dashcam’ technology. VIRTUS Fleet Witness Cameras can also provide powerful Live Stream Video reporting, allowing you to view exactly what’s happening, in real time, from your desk via a simple-to-use online interface and control panel.

virtus fleet vehicle cameras


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Discover More –

Click the images below to open the VIRTUS Fleet Datasheets for TITAN 1, TITAN 2 models.

(Datasheet also available for VIRTUS ZEUS – please request your copy below).

TITAN 1 Spec Brochure

TITAN 2 Spec Brochure


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