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Vodafone Protect & Connect

Stolen Vehicle Tracking available from FLEETSense

Official Distributors and Agents for Vodafone Protect & Connect Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Recovery


Now you can protect yourself and reduce the risk of loss by fitting an approved and reliable Stolen Vehicle Tracking system, such as Vodafone Protect & Connect.

Formerly branded under the name Cobra Tracking, this advanced technology has been improved and developed further by Vodafone. We offer this system at all three levels (see below).

As Approved Suppliers for this state-of-the-art security technology we invite and encourage you to consider the many benefits…

Currently, in the UK, a vehicle is stolen approximately every 6 minutes. Of course, it always only ever happens to ‘someone else’, until the day you open your front door, or return to a car park, only to discover that your vehicle has vanished.

Even with smart anti-theft systems that so many car and vehicle manufacturers now provide, there will always be criminals who find a way to negate these and outsmart us all.

vodafone protect & connectSecurity experts will tell us that if someone wants to take your property, they probably can and will.

The question needs to be how quickly can you locate and recover it, with the least amount of effort and reduce the impact of having your car, van or other vehicle stolen?

As independent specialists we always seek out the best products, hardware and software solutions that we’re totally confident to offer the right mix of use and function, with quality and good value.

That’s why we’re Official Resellers of Vodafone Protect & Connect, the latest and smartest Stolen Vehicle Recovers System, available in three levels of protection.

If you own a high-value vehicle, a luxury car, or a commercial vehicle, possibly carrying a valuable load, you need to confident that you have the best chance of a quick recovery in the event of a theft or targeted attack.

Better Insurance Premiums –

It’s certainly worth noting, especially if you drive a performance, luxury or supercar, that most UK insurers will offer better premiums when the right vehicle tracking systems has been correctly installed.

You can find out more about this here, for example. Read what Gocompare.com says on this (please note, we do not endorse this broker, link provided for information only).

Making The Right Choice –

At FLEETSense we currently offer Vodafone Protect & Connect in two different versions, depending upon your needs.

For more information and best pricing, select one of the following –

Vodafone Protect & Connect 5

– Top Level, Thatcham Cat 5 System


Vodafone Protect & Connect 6

– High Level, Thatcham Cat 6 System


Not sure which system best fits your need?

See below and select the one you feel best fits your needs.

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vodafone protect & connect


vodafone protect and connect 5



vodafone protect and connect 6


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