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    MAXOPTRA from FLEETSense


    MAXOPTRA – Fully Integrated Solution

    Getting your people to the right place at the right time takes more than just satellite navigation and route-planning, it needs dynamic control.

    And that’s exactly why we recommend Maxoptra from Magenta. This subscription-based platform integrates seamlessly with WEBFLEET from Webfleet Solutions, giving you full control in real time.

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    Previously a business had the ability to set daily work schedules, provide locations and tasks. Life is a little more complicated that this now.

    Customers want and expect better communication and service. So the need to be able to meet this demand is ever increasing.

    Today over 50,000 routes are planned and managed with Maxoptra every single day.

    This cutting-edge solution provides an unrivaled level of control and management to businesses who demand efficiency and better results.

    “Before Maxoptra we had little visibility of our mobile operation,” – Dave Gisborne, UK Aftercare Manager at Snap-on Diagnostics & Equipment.

    Find out how national service supplier Snap-on transformed their van fleet management with Maxoptra – Read the full case study HERE

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    Maxoptra Features Include

    – Automatic Planning: build your daily delivery schedule in double-quick time. reduce driving time, mileage and transport costs.

    – Powerful Route Optimiser: plan your multi-drop schedule to improve efficiency, maintain dynamic control and resource deployment.

    – Real-Time Control: Maxoptra will work out the progress of each route planned, efficiency and drivers’ remaining hours.

    – Vehicle Tracking Integration: integrating with Webfleet Solutions know exactly where every vehicle in your fleet is in real-time.

    – ETA Prediction: maintain full control, allowing you to keep customers informed and accurately predict arrival times.

    – Full Online Dashboard: operate from a cloud-based solution, giving you access exactly where and when you need it.

    Why Work With FleetSense?


    Economy & Efficiency

    Allow technology to assist and improve better route planning and scheduling.
    Reducing wasted journeys, driving time and providing better economy through fuel savings and vehicle maintenance.


    Security &

    Increase asset driver and load safety through security measures including CCTV vehicle cameras. View remote livestream video. Increase driver safety and reduce insurance accident claims.


    Better Task Management

    Gain efficiency savings through paperless workflow and task processes. Enable drivers and agents to remotely data capture and communicate with your base.




    “Over a short period of time FLEETSense established an excellent relationship with us, going the extra mile to deliver on products and service.

    “I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.”

    - Andrew Simmons, Transport Manager, Middleton Aggregates


    “We chose FLEETSense to supply this and provide a solution that was specific to our exact needs. Tom and the team have given us an excellent service and now we have real peace of mind that we’re better protected.

    “A professional and experienced team that we’d certainly recommend to others in this industry”

    - Nick Pearson, Transport Director, Safepac International


    This solution has led to a reduction in the number of accidents: last year insurance claims amounted to £214,000, and this year it has reduced to £88,000.
    Fuel saving has been incredible; £90,000 saving in just 1 year!!

    - Michael Rayner, Operation Director, Zenith Hygiene Group


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    Fuel Saving

    Reduce Fuel Wastage

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