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    GPS Fleet Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle Fleet Tracking

    If you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, you’ll be looking for ways to streamline activities and save time and money. That’s where a fleet tracking system comes in.

    FLEETSense are Certified Partners of WEBFLEET Solutions (formerly TomTom Telematics), and able to provide independent advice and solutions from the full range of fleet tracking technology and software, with best pricing offers.

    Let us show you, with a no-cost, no-obligation review how WEBFLEET Tracking and Telematics could save you money and make it easier to run your business.


    Tracking and Telematics

    What is vehicle tracking?


    Vehicle tracking systems use GPS satellite navigation to monitor the activity of vehicles, including data such as the exact whereabouts, speed, fuel consumption and driver behaviour. The tracking device transmits information via satellite back to the fleet manager, who can access the data via specific computer software or online.

    In addition, Webfleet vehicle tracking systems can provide vehicle specific navigation, providing drivers with more efficient routes to avoid traffic delays. You can also assign new delivery stops to a vehicle in real-time and provide the most efficient route for the driver.

    As well as offering security and potential savings in time and cost, your business can really benefit from vehicle tracking solutions that improve customer services. Real-time vehicle tracking and activity reports means that customers can be given accurate information as to delivery times or pickups.

    Webfleet Solutions from FLEETSense allows you to track your fleet in one easy system.

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    How much could your business save?

    We have seen typical statistics from our clients such as:

    Fuel savings up to 22%

    MPG increase up to 20%

    Fleet productivity up by 15%

    20-30% more appointments/collections

    80% reduction in job allocation time

    Read how FLEETSense helped Corporate Solutions cut 8.1% on fuel costs and improve MPG by 9.2%

    Key Features of Fleet Management Solutions


    Vehicle Tracking – See where vehicles are in real-time, trace vehicle routes, be notified when vehicles enter defined geographical areas or are used out of hours.

    Driver Behaviour – Gain information on driver behaviour, vehicle maintenance, monitor fuel usage and carbon emissions.

    Driver Communication – Send job and order details to driver’s terminals and receive real-time updates and reports.

    Dynamic Dispatching – Send new jobs to the driver who can arrive in the quickest time, calculated in real-time using traffic information.

    Integrated Tachograph Manager – Stay current with remaining driving times for all drivers.

    Mileage Logbook – Easily record business mileage including dates, locations and clients visited to ensure employee benefits and your business are taxed correctly.

    Extensive Reporting – Custom automated reporting and dashboard to help you optimise your fleet in real-time. Notifications delivered instantly to your dashboard.


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    Company Car Guide from FLEETSense

    Company Cars


    Manage your legal obligations and control tax and running costs. Company car gps vehicle trackers streamline this process and automate a large amount of regular admin tasks.

    The tracking device can log mileage, provide insights into driving behaviour including speeding, harsh steering and braking, fuel consumption, gear shifting, idling and associated fuel wastage.

    Let FLEETSense guide and support your needs.

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    Manage Digital Tachograph with FleetSense

    HGV Trucks


    Control your drivers’ hours via digital tachograph with the WEBFLEET system. FLEETSense can show you how WEBFLEET can speed up and simplify this process, saving you time, money and risk.

    The Tachograph Manager provides remote data downloads daily, plus in-depth reports and analysis, which is all stored in a secure data centre.

    Speak to us for a no-cost, no-obligation review of your needs .

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    Manage Vehicle Tax Logbook FleetSense

    Vans and LGVs


    High-frequency, local or long-distance courier and delivery services require careful route planning and time management. Knowing where your drivers and vehicles are will enable you to keep your customers in the loop.

    Real-time data that keeps your fleet moving and profitable is made easy with our tracking systems and software solutions.

    FLEETSense can show you how this will benefit you and your business.

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    Solutions and Products

    Webfleet Solutions Certified Partners

    Webfleet Solutions

    Webfleet product image




    Why Work With FleetSense?


    Economy & Efficiency

    Allow technology to assist and improve better route planning and scheduling.
    Reducing wasted journeys, driving time and providing better economy through fuel savings and vehicle maintenance.


    Security & Safety

    Increase asset driver and load safety through security measures including CCTV vehicle cameras. View remote livestream video. Increase driver safety and reduce insurance accident claims.


    Better Task Management

    Gain efficiency savings through paperless workflow and task processes. Enable drivers and agents to remotely data capture and communicate with your base.


    Interested in Vehicle Fleet Solutions?

    Van Fleet Solution


    Commercial van driving in the city


    Van Fleet Solutions - Driver Management

    Driver Management



    “Over a short period of time FLEETSense established an excellent relationship with us, going the extra mile to deliver on products and service.

    “I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.”

    - Andrew Simmons, Transport Manager, Middleton Aggregates


    “We chose FLEETSense to supply this and provide a solution that was specific to our exact needs. Tom and the team have given us an excellent service and now we have real peace of mind that we’re better protected.

    “A professional and experienced team that we’d certainly recommend to others in this industry”

    - Nick Pearson, Transport Director, Safepac International


    This solution has led to a reduction in the number of accidents: last year insurance claims amounted to £214,000, and this year it has reduced to £88,000.
    Fuel saving has been incredible; £90,000 saving in just 1 year!!

    - Michael Rayner, Operation Director, Zenith Hygiene Group


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