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Fleet Management

Whether it’s managing fuel usage, planning driver schedules and job-flow, or meeting regulatory requirements, such as Remaining Drivers Hours, we’ve got solutions that work.

As the burden on Transport Managers and Operators increases, with yet more regulation and compliance, we help to automate and systemise processes that make life that bit simpler.

Digital Tachograph, powerful WEBFLEET solutions from TomTom, and a host of allied and complimentary solutions can transform the way you manage your fleet, releasing time and resources, as well as driving cost efficiencies and savings.

FLEETSense is one of the UK’s leading specialists in Transport Solutions. As an independent service provider, we also hold Gold Partner status with TomTom and other leading technology suppliers.

By combining our technical know-how and extensive experience of the transport and logistics industry we build tailor-made solutions that are designed to increase your Fleet Management capabilities; saving costs, time, resources and reducing risk.

  • Systems Automation
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Management Control

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Tracking & Telematics

So much more than just a ‘satnav’, modern-day vehicle tracking has extensive capabilities. These solutions provide a level of control and management that means you keep your fleet in the right place at the right time.

Fleet vehicle tracking and telematics can be used across the sector; for Heavy Goods haulage, light delivery vehicles, plant machinery, pool and company cars.

Our clients report considerable benefits from the systems we deploy. Fuel savings alone can deliver full ROI within six months*

The ability to manage and control your fleet vehicles, in real-time, provides huge commercial advantages. This means you can re-route or re-schedule, maintain direct contact with drivers and update customers as required.

We also provide advanced solutions for stolen vehicle recovery, essential for keeping your assets secure and reducing exposure to major risks.

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  • Vehicle Tracking & Route Planning
  • Real-time Vehicle Location
  • Fuel Saving & Vehicle Maintenance

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Cameras & Security

With fraudulent insurance claims continually rising (as well as your insurance premiums), as well as poor driving standards on UK and Continental roads, you need protection that cannot be challenged.

An increasing number of Transport Operators and Fleet Managers are turning to vehicle cameras and warning systems to protect their business, assets and reputation. Many consider this an essential requirement.

UK Police-approved systems deliver cast-iron evidence gathering that can mean the difference between keeping your fleet moving and profitable, or facing the crippling penalties of unresolved claims, suspended drivers and even attempted criminal prosecution.

We advise, supply and fit vehicle cameras for a range of situations specific to the transport industry.

The number and frequency of use of this evidence, to resolve traffic incidents, crime and fraud, proves just how vital it has become.

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  • Improved Driver Safety
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Asset Protection


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Know where your vehicles and drivers are, with real-time locations, helping you to keep your fleet moving and gain maximum efficiency and profits.



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Having your vehicle equipped with reliable and quality cameras is now an essential requirement. See our range of professional cameras, monitors and sensors.



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Discover a range of powerful solutions for increasing productivity and making your life easier. Paperless Job Scheduling, Driver Management and more.


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You can access your WEBFLEET control panel here –

WEBFLEET is the leading Fleet Management solution from TomTom Telematics.

With this online resource you can manage your remote workers, in real-time, 24hrs a day, from your PC, or even a mobile device.

If you’re not one of our many existing WEBFLEET customers contact us today to find out more.


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” This solution has led to a reduction in the number of accidents: last year insurance claims amounted to £214,000, and this year it has reduced to £88,000.

“Fuel saving has been incredible; £90,000 saving in just 1 year!!”

– Michael Rayner, Operation Director, Zenith Hygiene Group


“We chose FLEETSense to supply this and provide a solution that was specific to our exact needs. Tom and the team have given us an excellent service and now we have real peace of mind that we’re better protected.

“A professional and experienced team that we’d certainly recommend to others in this industry”

– Nick Pearson, Transport Director, Safepac International


“Over a short period of time FLEETSense established an excellent relationship with us, going the extra mile to deliver on products and service.

“I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.”

– Andrew Simmons, Transport Manager, Middleton Aggregates