Asset Tracking To Secure Your Machinery

If you’re running any type of transport business you’ll know why it’s important and useful to track your primary vehicles.

Equally though, it’s just as important to know where your other fleet assets are. This applies to vehicles like trailers, plant machinery, etc.

Now, with the LINK 340 from Webfleet Solutions you can secure your assets by tracking their locations and get this information when you need it most.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking with LINK 340 and WEBFLEET

Now you can stay in control and track all your fleet assets with accuracy and in real-time.

Asset Tracking

What asset tracking can offer

Now you can stay in control and track all your fleet assets with accuracy and in real-time. This solutions;

Notifies you when your assets are moved

Deters unauthorised use of your business assets

Helps identify possible theft of assets quickly

Allows you to see all your fleet assets in one interface

Helps you locate ‘misplaced’ assets out in the field

Reduces manual reporting and recording tasks

Can reduce insurance costs and claims applications

Will help increase fleet management efficiency and profits

Key Features & Benefits of Asset Tracking

Location Reporting

View current positions plus mileage and usage reports.

Safety & Security

Get notifications when an asset enters or leaves a specified area.


Manage maintenance schedules based on odometer and operating time.

Data Analysis

Assess your asset utilisation through reports on trip, position, location, etc.

Stay Connected

No Power Function; locate your asset even when disconnected from power*

Coupling Report

Coupling Reporting shows you which assets are connected to which primary vehicles.

Learn more about the LINK 340 and Asset Tracking. This solution could reduce wasted costs and risk, helping you to run a leaner and more profitable fleet.

Call us now on 0345 459 4998 at FLEETSense for a no-cost, no-obligation conversation about your needs and how we help you.

Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking

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Asset Tracking


Asset Tracking


Asset Tracking

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