Fleet & Driver Management To Support Your Drivers

OptiDrive 360 provides cutting-edge technology that enables you to drive Continual Professional Development, provide Dynamic Support to your drivers and workforce and ensure that your Fleet Operation is aiming for maximum efficiency through real-time feedback.

The benefits of this solution are numerous and provide a truly integrated system that keeps you in control.

Although fuel saving and vehicle management are the most obvious, there are a number of further benefits that you can enjoy.

Fleet & Driver Management

Keeping your Drivers Informed

When it comes to running a business that relies on vehicles, keeping your drivers happy, informed and performing is essential to keeping your business running smoothly and effectively.

Our Fleet and Driver Management systems and software allows you to monitor your drivers safety, productivity and fuel consumption as well as letting you know about important upcoming information about compliance such as license details, training and other important events.

If you are interested in how FLEETSense can help you effectively manage and monitor your drivers then why not get in touch for more information or a demonstration.

Fleet & Driver Management

Ensure Safety and Productivity

You may have the best systems in terms of fuel saving and vehicle management, but without drivers then your fleet simply wouldn’t work. By implementing a driver management system you can gather real time data on how your fleet is performing, the safety, location and productivity of your assets.

By having an effective driver and fleet management, you will be able to see areas where you need to improve. This is essential for cost saving measures such as fuel saving, and time management areas for route planning and tracking. Using this telematics data will allow you to grow and move your business forward.

Keeping your staff safe and compliant is essential in any industry. By using our software you can ensure that your fleet drivers are all up to date with important documents such as licenses, training on safety measures and medical information as well as keeping track of any fines and penalties for speeding, parking and tolls.

By keeping on top of all of these will avoid any extra costs such as fines, penalties and insurance claims against you, your drivers and your business.

Key Features of Fleet & Driver Management

Monitor & Track

See how your drivers are performing with real time data.

Keep Your Staff Safe

Keep your drivers and fleet safe with data about accidents and driving.


Keep your drivers details up to date with information about licences, insurance and medical data.

Fine and Toll Maintenance

Reduce additional costs by keeping up to date with fines, tolls and parking penalties.

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Fleet & Driver Management
Fleet & Driver Management

Ideal for:

Fleet & Driver Management


Ideal for distribution and delivery networks who transport essential goods and materials over short or long distances.

Fleet & Driver Management


Tracking and Telematics systems can have a significant effect and provide major savings for haulage vehicles and companies.

Fleet & Driver Management


Fleet & Driver Management

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