Fuel Management Systems to Save You Money

With little or no way of influencing fuel prices at the pumps there is only one sure way for operators to take back control and manage fuel consumption; through close monitoring and management on a day-to-day basis.

Reducing your fuel bill is the heart of what we do when improving fleet efficiency here at FLEETSense. We utilise OptiDrive from WEBFLEET Telematics, to determine where the issues arise within your fleet. OptiDrive 360 put simply, measures: idling, fuel usage, speeding, breaking and harsh steering to give you an overview of how your drivers are performing helping you to make the difference needed within your fleet.

Fuel Saving

Fuel Saving for your Fleet

Whether you are running three vehicles for your sales team, or three hundred vehicles across your logistics fleet, the issue of fuel economy needs serious attention and ultra-careful management.

The system helps drivers adapt to a responsible driving style – delivering direct feedback to fleet managers and drivers throughout their trip. Efficient driving helps to maintain insurance premiums, lower fuel resulting in a reduced cost within the fleet and vehicle ownership.

Fuel Saving

Real Time Data

OptiDrive 360 actively provides advice to improve driver performance and real-time feedback.

There are up to eight performance indicators.

Reports idling time associated with fuel waste

Behaviours such as sudden braking and harsh steering are actively reported

On the go fuel consumption alerts in real time

Records speed fluctuations in driving performance

Can inform the driver of coasting zones encouraging them to release the accelerator when in these areas

Can programme an advised speed based on fuel efficiency and speed limits, encouraging drivers to stay within the ‘Green Speed’ limit

Vehicle efficiency can be optimised through gear changing advice

Key Features of Fuel Management Systems

Real Time Data

Receive real time data and reports about your fleet, fuel consumption, driver performance and much more.

Increase Efficiency

Use your data to increase efficiency of your drivers and fleet by offering suggestion fuel saving methods.

Help for Drivers

Your drivers will receive alerts on speed, coasting and gear changing to increase efficiency and performance.

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Fuel Saving
Fuel Saving

Ideal for:

Fuel Saving


Tracking and Telematics systems can have a significant effect and provide major savings for haulage vehicles and companies.

Fuel Saving


Ideal for distribution and delivery networks who transport essential goods and materials over short or long distances.

Fuel Saving


Fuel Saving

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