WEBFLEET Work App to Help Your Drivers

Everything your drivers need to stay on top of their daily tasks.

Digitise your workflow and boost efficiency the easy way with WEBFLEET Work App. Your drivers can effectively manage day-to-day tasks and access best-in-class navigation from one simple app. No extra hardware needed.

Running and managing a fleet can be hard work. The WEBFLEET Work App will give you improve the efficiency of your workforce without the need to invest in extra hardware, you can simply use your current mobile devices to create a digitised workflow and send instructions directly to your drivers, therefore making your fleet run smoother and increase accuracy throughout your business.

Webfleet Work App

The Work App from WebFleet Solutions

It’s not just the business owners or the fleet managers who will feel the benefit. Your drivers will feel the benefits of the WEBFLEET Work App in a number of ways. Their productivity will be boosted with real time intelligent route scheduling and ETAs, as well as being able for them to register working, business and private trips.

Your fleet workforce can easily communicate quickly with your office via two-way messaging, and they will be able to see new and upcoming jobs. New drivers can be onboarded faster, getting them out on the road quickly and safely.

Webfleet Work App
Webfleet Work App

The Benefits of the WEBFLEET Work App

For the Fleet Manager / Depatcher

Manage a flexible workforce smoothly
Automate and digitise your operational processes
Protect data privacy with secure data transfer

For the Driver

Reduce workload and save time
Boost productivity
Real-time route and traffic data

Key Features of the WEBFLEET Work App

Track and Trace

View the driving times, mileage and locations of your fleet in real time or over a chosen time period within WEBFLEET.

Driver ID and Optidrive Score

Always know who is driving your vehicle. View OptiDrive score in WEBFLEET and in Work App for drivers.

Vehicle Assignment

Drivers can assign themselves to available vehicles or the fleet manager can assign a vehicle to a specific driver on a fixed basis.

Digitised Workflow

Order management, automated working times, mileage registration, messaging and more.

Working Time and Trip Modes

Record working hours and trips. Define the type of trip (business, commute or private) or work status (work, break or off).

Best in Class Navigation

Professional TomTom navigation for all vehicle types (including trucks and EVs) helps drivers choose the fastest route with accurate ETAs.

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Webfleet Work App
Webfleet Work App

Ideal for:

Webfleet Work App


Ideal for distribution and delivery networks who transport essential goods and materials over short or long distances.

Webfleet Work App


Tracking and Telematics systems can have a significant effect and provide major savings for haulage vehicles and companies.

Webfleet Work App


Webfleet Work App

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