Vehicle Camera Systems To Make Your Fleet Safer

It’s no surprise to us here at FLEETSense that the demand for high-quality, commercial-grade vehicle cameras continues to rise, year on year. With FLEETSense Live you can PROVE, PROTECT and PREVENT.

As independent specialist consultants to the commercial fleet sector we source the best, latest products and services to make running your fleet easier, safer and more profitable.

FLEETSense Live can be linked to Webfleet Solutions, giving you enhanced telematics data about driver behaviour as well as giving you a live view of all of your cameras. Driving events are automatically uploaded to the cloud for quick review and can also be downloaded.

Camera Systems

Ensuring safety for drivers and your fleet

Vehicle cameras are suitable for a range of vehicle types, including HGV trucks, vans and even company cars.

FLEETSense is able to advise on the best system configuration for your needs and demonstrate the range of advanced features.

The biggest advance in vehicle cameras over recent years is the capacity to view live-feed, giving you direct access to real-time video recording, which means you can see what’s happening and deal with issues more easily and quickly.

Our vehicle cameras are safe and secure. They allow automatic shutdown of cameras in a security sensitive location with geo-fences means cameras will restart as soon as the vehicle leaves the site, have the ability to blur faces to protect individual identity and will automatically update to allow your system to have the latest firmware giving you access to the system security updates and capabilities.

Camera Systems

Saving you time & money

We also work in close collaboration with leading Fleet Insurance companies and brokers. Fitting vehicle cameras can reduce your annual insurance premiums but more importantly, these can help to reduce the time and energy needed to resolve road traffic incidents.

Providing an exceptionally reliable fully connected vehicle CCTV solution

With auto alerts to any loss of memory failure or video loss so you always know your cameras are recording

App access keeps you connected while out of office allowing you to make decisions on the go

4G multi network allows remote access to live historic vehicle footage, with active roaming to provide premium coverage

No SD card or manual DVR re-formatting required

To minimise the risk of recording loss our cameras provide self-healing hard drives of premium quality with low failure rates

Provides twice the recording capacity with sub stream back up memory on DVR in a lower resolution to reduce the risk of important data being over written or lost

Key Features of Vehicle Camera Systems

HD Video Quality

Our cameras offer full HD video for clear readings of important information such as number plates.


Avoid false claims by having the video evidence to back you up.

Save Money

Some insurers will offer you a discount if you have vehicle cameras installed in your vehicles.

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Camera Systems
Camera Systems

Ideal for:

Camera Systems


Tracking and Telematics systems can have a significant effect and provide major savings for haulage vehicles and companies.

Camera Systems


Ideal for distribution and delivery networks who transport essential goods and materials over short or long distances.

Camera Systems

People Transport

Transporting people by bus, coach, minibus or taxi comes with additional responsibility for operators and drivers.

Camera Systems

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