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Driver Behaviour Study

Logistics Market Research: An exploration of business driver behaviour

Market Research by TomTom – Vehicle Tracking Solutions from FLEETSense.

The financial, legislative and human impact of driving behaviour among mobile workers can be considerable. Consequently, improvement of driver performance now represents a significant business challenge.

There is an increased recognition of this fact, thanks to the efforts of energy and road safety charities, government organisations and solutions providers in raising awareness. But the extent to which companies and drivers have acted on this remains unclear.

This study explores and assesses the behaviours and current attitudes of European light commercial vehicle drivers. The research reveals that many mobile workers are not driving in the most fuel efficient manner and are prepared to compromise road safety. All the while there is considerable scope for businesses to reverse this potentially very costly conduct.

Only 21 per cent of companies currently provide training to help employees drive more safely and efficiently, while only 23 per cent use technology to monitor driving performance.

The final analysis considers why there is a need to strategically address a fundamental element of fleet driver behaviour.


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