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Automate your Routes Schedules with PLANND’IT

Automatic Your Route Planning for only £5 per month

One of the smartest ideas to hit the Fleet Management this year

We love it when our partners come up with new and innovative ways to make our solutions work even better.

The clever people at Magenta Technology (who created Maxoptra) have just launched a great new software application that makes route scheduling even quicker and easier.

Seriously, this is a game changer and we think all our customers currently using TomTom PRO devices will want to take a serious look at this.

Even better, the really good news is you can dive in with a completely FREE TRIAL and see how this works for yourself.

TomTom PRO devices lead the way in fleet management, giving you a powerful tool to keep your vehicles in the right place at the right time.

Getting all your routes scheduled still takes time before you can begin to benefit from TomTom. Now with PLANND’IT you can automate this step of the process and get your fleet management working even quicker than before.

So how does it work?






Why You Need To Take A Look –

Quite simply, we think this new application will help Fleet Managers and Transport Operators speed up the daily task of scheduling your drivers’ routes.

If you’ve already invested in TomTom PRO devices for your vehicles, or seriously considering it, this smart bit of software will help save time, reduce errors and make running your business much easier.

The great news is that as Official Partners with Magenta Technologies we’ve been given the opportunity to promote a new free trial of this system.

You can start your 14-Day Free Trial any time and after that continue to use the system for only £5 per vehicle per month.


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