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    Better Fleet Management

    Simple Steps To Better Fleet Management

    Read about the key elements that will improve your Fleet Management –

    Published by FLEETSense – January 2020

    Good Fleet Management is essential if you’re running any size or type of vehicle fleet in your business.

    You may operate a fleet with services as a transport business, enabling your customers and clients to transport their goods, supplies or even people. Alternatively, you may have a fleet of vehicles within your own business for the purposes of transporting your own goods or supplies.

    Better Fleet Management

    As every Fleet Manager knows, the scope of fleet management begins with sourcing and acquiring fleet vehicles, either via lease of by outright purchase.

    Then you need to know best how to operate your vehicle fleet day-to-day, getting the most efficient and profitable use for them. Controlling your costs and risks is key to this.

    And finally, a Fleet Manager’s job will include the planned disposal of vehicles and possible replacement of new ones.

    So once you’ve acquired your vehicles the next crucial step is to manage all elements of how your fleet is maintained, serviced and deployed as part of your daily business operation.

    Key elements of good fleet management will include (click on the links below to read more on each topic):

    Fleet Licensing –

    Fleet Compliance –

    Fleet Maintenance and Safety Checks –

    Scheduling Fleet Vehicle Deployment and Drivers –

    Fleet Fuel Management –

    Fleet Communication –

    Fleet Breakdown Support and Recovery –

    Fleet Security, Health and Safety –

    Fleet Accident / Incident Management –

    Fleet Financial Management –

    So as you can see from the list above, fleet management covers a range of different requirements. Some of these relate to good, sound business management, while others include legal requirements and obligations of compliance.

    Use this page to navigate to more information on each area and how FLEETSense can help you.


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