Cross Country Carriers Reduces Theft & Loss Across Their Fleet

“Installation of FLEETSense’s tracking systems improved the day to day running of our company.” Ben Smith, Transport Manager

The Background

Suffolk-based Cross-Country Carriers is one of East Anglia’s premier hauliers who have been involved in the haulage and pallet distribution industry since 1978. They operate 42 articulated units and around 30 trailers and specialise in pallet pick up making full use of their own haulage fleet.

The company are known for their pallet distribution across the UK and into Europe. Cross Country carriers work with two pallet networks, as well as running their own general haulage fleet to ensure they can deliver excellent service to their customers. “We ensure our customers have options and flexibility with their freight” says Ben.

“We take every step to reduce the impact of its business on the environment. Ecological issues are given full consideration when purchasing new equipment and the company fleet is based entirely around modern eco-friendly vehicles. As part of this policy, it is fully committed to regularly replacing its vehicles to lower its carbon footprint. A fleet of DAF Euro 6 additions are replacing Euro 5 specification trucks.

The benefits of this type of truck includes reduced tyre wear and improved manoeuvrability.  With a vast range of features and benefits, eco-friendly and otherwise, it’s a truck built with the future and driver in mind” says Ben.

Cross Country Carriers Reduces Theft & Loss Across Their Fleet

The Challenge

Historically Cross-Country Carriers were operating on a time consuming, fleet management system. As the company grew there was a clear need to increase operational efficiency. An easier, more efficient operating system was desired to meet specific requirements. They lacked real-time visibility of their assets as well as the ability to provide Proof of Delivery (POD) evidence.

In addition, Cross Country Carriers wished to make it easier to keep track of driving hours and rest periods logged on the drivers’ Tachograph cards. Strict regulations demand compliance to ensure fleet operators control and observe this type of data carefully and keep their mobile operations safe.

“Being able to meet new levels of customer requirements, and track deliveries we undertake, were key objectives. Having visibility of our assets with instant access to data such as exact time and has become crucial in today’s market,” confirms Ben.

Cross Country Carriers Reduces Theft & Loss Across Their Fleet

The Solution

A rigorous selection process took place and following consultation with the team at FLEETSense, the company embarked on a cost-effective smart fleet management solution which consisted of fitting all trucks with the Link 740 and all trailers with the link 340.

The first step, Webfleet solutions Vehicle Tracking and Navigation system with connectivity to Tachographs was installed. This provided important data such as the exact whereabouts of their trucks, fuel consumption and driver behaviour while the digitalisation of the Tachographs hugely simplified record and supported compliance. Scheduling automatic downloads ensure deadlines checking on driver details and data are never missed.

Connected to the Webfleet software, the Link 740 was integrated, designed to help drivers work smarter and provide updates on their job status with just a simple tap on the device, fastest routes are selected and there is full transparency of acute ETAs.

Installing the Link 340 to all trailers has significantly reduced theft, loss, or misplacement with clear visibility of their assets. Transport Manager Ben has said “my life is a lot easier, with the supported scheduled maintenance it really helps to avoid costly downtime, I am extremely happy with the

service FLEETSense have provided”. FLEETSense’s skilled engineers put together an installation plan and, within no time, all identified vehicles and trailers were fitted accordingly.

“Our day to day running would not be as efficient and we would not feel as in control of our fleet as we do with FLEETSense” says Ben.

How It Works

The chosen FORS- compliant camera system consists of forward facing, nearside and offside cameras. The forward-facing camera records the drivers’ view of the road using ultra wide-angle lens and captures crystal clear footage for recognition of number plates and faces, even in low light conditions.

The nearside and offside camera provide a clear view of the blind spots’ night and day and record video footage for review in the event of an incident. They are considered a vital safety device for any large HGV. The link 740 and 340 connects with the telematics tracking box placed on each of the companies’ vehicles.

Drivers have a legal obligation to do a ‘walk and check’ at the start of each day. Self-Certifiying that their vehicle is fit to be driven. Details of this are automatically linked back to the office who can act upon any areas flagged up requiring attention. Spoken instructions and speed camera alerts mean fewer distractions whilst out on the road.

The Benefits

Operating and tracking the company’s fleet all takes place from one easy system. The –camera safety system offers greater security for Cross Country Carriers drivers as well as protection against false driving allegations, driving skills have improved and fewer incidents have occurred.

“Our drivers have welcomed the extra support and safety offered via installations such as these which has a positive influence on their driving behaviour. We have seen a significant increase in vehicle cleanliness which has been a bonus in relation to the other significant benefits such as the decrease in time it takes to route up. Going forward, we are looking to see an increase in the management of driver hours and FLEETSense are happy to aid us in keeping to regulations easily”. Says Ben.

The integration with the Webfleet Solutions fleet management technology has meant that Cross Country have been able to significantly simplify their fleet management procedures and increase efficiencies.

“Being able to know where our vehicles are, send instructions to our drivers and receive updates on their job status as well access live tracking are all vital tools that have made a big difference to our operations and cost savings, FLEETSense have ultimately been the best suited to Cross Country Carriers” comments Ben.

Bronze FORS accreditation showcases the commitment to good practice in all aspects of the business and has made Cross Country the company of choice for new clients as well as increasing customer retention.

Cross Country Carriers Reduces Theft & Loss Across Their Fleet

Tom Dickerson, Managing Director at FLEETSense adds:

“Camera technology has advanced rapidly over recent years. Today vehicle cameras offer a range of additional functions with the potential to add extra elements as and when they are required. Being able to view accurately what happens in and around vehicles provides a multitude of benefits to commercial fleet operators and their drivers”.

“A fully integrated fleet management system allows companies like Cross Country Carriers to fine tune the way they operate and gain total control in real-time. It helps to run safer and more efficient fleets, reduce fuel consumption and operating costs, simplify data sharing, and promote good driving behaviour amongst their drivers.”


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