EH Nicholls Increases Efficiency with the Power of WEBFLEET

Read about how transport company EH Nicholls Increases Efficiency with WEBFLEET from FLEETSense.

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The Background

EH Nicholls Jnr Ltd – Nicholls Transport was incorporated in 1967. Still a family run business today with Paul Nicholls Managing Director and Alex Nicholls operations director their continual growth is apparent, currently with 104 trucks and 385 trailers with a 32% of the fleet being LNG and running on Biomethane. These vehicles produce 82% less CO2 than a conventual diesel truck. They have won many awards including the prestigious GREENFLEET “fleet of the year” Award and were semi- finalists in the 2022 Motor Transport Low Carbon Award.

“From our head office in Kent, we provide tailor-made haulage operations for many blue-chip clients throughout the UK, Northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Our services are tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements, we work hard to develop intelligent, cost- effective transport solutions that help our customers achieve their business objectives.

Our ongoing investment in our state-of-the-art logistics park, vehicles, technology, driver, and career training all result from our embedded philosophy for continuous improvement enabling us to provide unrivalled flexibility, service, and value” says Paul.

EH Nicholls Increases Efficiency with the Power of WEBFLEET

The Challenge

EH Nicholls had previously came to FLEETSense for tracking on their vehicles but were still looking to enhance their services. Their aim was to add tracking to all 385 trailers.

Having implemented WEBFLEET software several years ago this meant EH Nicholls were already able to assign the best vehicle and drivers for each delivery. This intelligent scheduling and route planning system automatically considers vehicle capacities, order volume, delivery time slots and driver availability. However, they lacked real-time visibility of their trailers. There was a need for accurate location tracking, securing assets and increasing visibility. FLEETSense has internally linked the trailer boards so EH Nicholls now know how many trailers are on site and can tell from the movements if these have been emptied or loaded.

“It’s all about keeping our assets, drivers, and people safe. We approached FLEETSense once more and they did not disappoint. Their expert knowledge and professional approach meant we felt confident that we had found another high-quality solution to our problem,” says Alex.

EH Nicholls Increases Efficiency with the Power of WEBFLEET

The Solution

Everything is pulled together into one and the same system.

A rigorous selection process took place and following consultation with the team at FLEETSense, the company embarked on a cost-effective smart fleet management solution which consisted of fitting all trailers with the link 340.

The vehicle tracking system uses GPS satellite navigation to monitor the activity of vehicles, including data such as the exact whereabouts, speed, fuel consumption and driver behaviour. The tracking device transmits information via satellite back to the fleet manager, who can access the data via specific computer software or online. The addition of tracking for their trailers has meant that each asset can be monitored efficiently. “Installation of FLEETSense’s tracking systems enhanced the day to day running of our company.”

How It Works

Installing the Link 340 to all trailers has significantly reduced theft, loss, or misplacement with clear visibility of their assets. Operations Director Alex has said “my life is a lot easier, with the supported scheduled maintenance it really helps to avoid costly downtime, I am extremely happy with the service FLEETSense have provided. FLEETSense’s skilled engineers put together an installation plan and, within no time, all identified trailers were fitted accordingly”.

The Benefits

The integration with the Webfleet Solutions fleet management technology has meant that E H Nicholls have been able to increase efficiencies.

“Being able to know where our vehicles are, send instructions to our drivers and receive updates on their job status as well access live tracking are all vital tools that have made a big difference to our operations and cost savings, FLEETSense have ultimately been the best suited to E H Nicholls” comments Alex.

Bronze FORS accreditation showcases the commitment to good practice in all aspects of the business and has made E H Nicholls the company of choice for new clients as well as increasing customer retention.

EH Nicholls Increases Efficiency with the Power of WEBFLEET

Tom Dickerson, Managing Director at FLEETSense adds:
“We maintain a close relationship with all our clients, providing ongoing support and training as required.” “A sophisticated combination of hi-tech products like these offers companies such as E H Nicholls an unrivalled level of visibility and efficiency. Being able to accurately track and trace your vehicles as well as being able to provide POD evidence, offers many benefits to commercial fleet operators.”

“By using these systems and taking advantage of technology that’s available now, any business can produce much higher productivity in their back-office operations. Freeing up time from repetitive administrative tasks helps to recover lost time and enables them to focus on streamlining their operations in areas that require further attention. Small savings and gains across several areas can all add up to significant savings and retention of profits.”

“Our expert knowledge, combined with our Premium Reseller Partner status with leaders such as Webfleet Solutions in the Vehicle Telematics industry, means we are able to seek out, test and recommend the best products for each company.”

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