ULS & Sons Increases Efficiency with Telematics & Cameras

“Hi-tech Vehicle Telematics and cameras installed by FLEETSense transformed our operations”

Jamie Underwood, Director, ULS & Son (Heathrow) Ltd

Solutions Provided:

The Background

London based transport and transfer company, ULS, specialises in airline secure cargo and depot-to-depot transfer services. They undertake regional, UK and long-haul journeys into Europe. Established in 1988, ULS have warehouses all around the M25 and have expanded substantially undertaking deliveries for multinational technology clients such as Amazon. They operate a large fleet of vehicles from 3.5 tonne vans to 44 tonne articulated trucks. “We provide haulage services, operating 24 hours, 365 days a year and can suit all needs from vans to 44 tonne HGVs,” explains Jamie

ULS & Sons Increases Efficiency with Telematics & Cameras

The Challenge

Historically, ULS used a manual, but time consuming, fleet management system. As the company grew, there was a clear need to increase their operational efficiencies. An easier and more straightforward operating system was desired to meet specific requirements imposed by major clients such as Amazon.

In addition, there was a real need to reduce the amount of time spent going through mountains of paperwork. They lacked real-time visibility of their assets as well as the ability to provide
Proof of Delivery (POD) evidence.

In addition, ULS wished to make it easier to keep track of driving hours and rest periods logged on the drivers’ Tachograph cards. Strict regulations demand compliance to ensure fleet operators control and observe this type of data carefully and keep their mobile operations safe.

Undertaking regular deliveries into London, there was a pressing need to comply with the new Transport for London (TfL) Direct Vision Standard (DVS) regulations to ensure that all relevant vehicles were in possession of a DVS Safety Permit. Correct and reliable safety measures needed to be installed to fulfil deliveries as normal and avoid potential Penalty Charges of £550 per day.

“Being able to meet new levels of customer requirements, and track the huge volume of deliveries we undertake accurately, were key objectives. Having visibility of our assets with instant access to data such as the exact time and place of deliveries made has become crucial in today’s market,” confirms Jamie.

ULS & Sons Increases Efficiency with Telematics & Cameras

The Solution

ULS first appointed FLEETSense back in 2016 to start the initial installation of the Webfleet Solutions Vehicle Tracking system with connectivity to Tachograph on a small number of their vehicles. Since then a total of 49 vehicles have been connected to the WEBFLEET platform.

The increased visibility of their assets that this new hi-tech system provides, has greatly improved their operational efficiencies. ULS are now able to accurately track their drivers and deliveries.

Furthermore, the Webfleet Solutions platform allowed for easy integration with the Amazon operating system. As a result, Amazon operators are able access the ULS tracking software via the IPA, allowing them to check where
everything is within the transport cycle.

Digitalisation of each driver’s Tachograph information was achieved via connectivity of their cards to the WEBFLEET software. The ICanProve.IT camera system was installed to allow ULS to record and evidence deliveries as well as provide proof whenever an incident occurs with one of the vehicles. This unique system is very similar to the Durite System
and could also be integrated with the existing WEBFLEET software – keeping everything within one and the same operating interface.

To meet the TfL DVS regulations, FLEETSense drew up a list of ULS’s 12T+ HGVs that required additional ‘Safe System’ equipment and installed the required hardware: a 7” monitor, a nearside camera, a side protection system, a left turn
audible alarm and warning signs. With the installation confirmed, ULS were able to continue their deliveries into London and apply for the DVS Safety Permits as soon as the installation was completed.

“The have access to all this information in one easy to use operating systemhas really simplified our fleet operations and record keeping. It has created a virtually paperless workflow and put a stop to many time consuming manual
tasks that used to be in place,” says Jamie

How It Works

The Webfleet Solutions Vehicle Tracking system allows fleet operators to access everything from one and the same platform.

The vehicle tracking interface uses GPS satellite navigation to record the activity of vehicles, including data such as the exact whereabouts, speed and fuel consumption. The tracking device transmits information via satellite back to the fleet operator, who can view the data when logged into the system.

Linked in with a driver’s Tachograph card it allows for instant access to crucial information such as the number of hours their drivers have been driving for. Data is automatically recorded and kept secure whilst the ability to schedule automatic downloads ensures that missing deadlines checking on their drivers’ details and data are now a thing of the past.

The state-of-the-art ICanProve.IT vehicle camera technology provides direct access to real-time video recording, allowing operators to see what’s happening and deal with issues more easily and quickly. It importantly, also registers PODs.

The DVS cameras increase the driver’s vision and minimise HGV blind spots whilst the sensor system alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user. The audible vehicle manoeuvring warning feature forewarns road users when the vehicle is turning left.

The Benefits

The easy combination and integration of all products into one system has resulted in a much more efficient operation of ULS’s fleet. Their future proofing approach has transformed the way in which the company are able to meet the ever changing requirements of the transport industry.

Vehicle Tracking has provided the desired insight into the exact whereabouts of their drivers and vehicles – all at the click of a button, freeing up valuable time within their workforce. Key information such as fuel consumption can also be monitored more closely, enabling the company to implement fuel saving initiatives. The digitalisation of the Tachographs has turned fulfilling compliance regulations into an easy task.

“In order to offer exceptional service to our clients and their customers, we needed a system that would allow us to easily track and trace our drivers, capture PODs as well as ensuring our drivers worked within their scheduled hours to meet
compliance,” says Jamie.

The installation of DVS compliant safety measures means that deliveries are taking place as normal without the risk of incurring costly fines – a substantial saving when taking into account the size of the ULS fleet. In addition, it has had a positive impact on the confidence of their drivers who feel much better supported with the increased visibility of their vehicles and other road users.

“This industry leading telematics technology has streamlined our fleet management tasks, releasing time and resources and completing more jobs. It has overhauled how we control our operations and reduced labour intensive tasks. We now run a hugely efficient fleet and have made important savings by reducing our operating and maintenance costs,” continues Jamie.
“FLEETSense’s easy DVS compliance process removed all the strain of ensuring our fleet was operating within the new TfL DVS safety legislations,” finishes Jamie.


ULS & Sons Increases Efficiency with Telematics & Cameras

Tom Dickerson, Managing Director at FLEETSense adds:

“We maintain a close relationship with all our clients, providing ongoing support and training as required.”  “A sophisticated combination of hi-tech products like these offers companies such as ULS an unrivalled level of visibility and efficiency. Being able to
accurately track and trace your vehicles as well as being able to provide POD evidence, offers many benefits to commercial fleet operators.”

“By using these systems and taking advantage of technology that’s available now, any business can produce much higher productivity in their back office operations. Freeing up time from repetitive administrative tasks helps to recover lost time and enables them to focus on streamlining their operations in areas that require further attention. Small savings and gains across several areas can
all add up to significant savings and retention of profits.” “Our expert knowledge, combined with our Premium Reseller Partner status
with leaders such as Webfleet Solutions in the Vehicle Telematics industry, means we are able to seek out, test and recommend the best products for each company.”

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