E&SJ Walpole put a stop to damage with Vehicle Cameras

A high-quality camera system installed by FLEETSense solves this premier haulier’s problems.

Solutions Provided:

The Background

One of East Anglia’s premier hauliers

Jason Snook, Operations Manager, E&SJ Walpole:

“Installation of FLEETSense’s camera systems put a stop to damage of our assets and growing repair costs.”

Norfolk-based E&SJ Walpole is one of East Anglia’s premier hauliers who have been involved in the haulage and storage industry for over 40 years. They operate 30 articulated units and around 70 trailers and specialise in forklift assisted offload, also offering general and agricultural haulage and general storage.

The company are known to have one of Norfolk’s biggest independent commercial repair workshops, servicing and repairing all types of commercial vehicles from large fleet customers to small single vehicle operators, including horseboxes and van fleets. Their customers range from large multinationals to UK based companies, to small sole traders and farmers.

“All of the E&SJ Walpole fleet are DAF vehicles. We run a clean and modern fleet suitable for the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone). 90% of our vehicles are Euro VI compliant and the vast majority of our fleet are able to continue to go into London, and any other city which chooses to implement the same (DVS) standards in the future. All of our vehicles are live tracked, and have digital recording cameras allowing us to view their exact location at the click of a button.” says Jason.

E&SJ Walpole put a stop to damage with Vehicle Cameras

The Challenge

The company have a selection of specialised trailers and 25 bespoke Moffett Mounty forklift trucks. This affords them to offer a self-offload service which is able to reach even the most difficult to access areas.

However, it became clear that getting into these tighter spaces meant that their drivers required greater assistance when manoeuvring trailers with these onboard Moffetts mounted to the back.

Damage to the Moffetts and rear of trailers occurred at times when making their way into tight farm entrances and yards, resulting in significant repair costs for the company as well as property damage claims from their customers.

“We required a solution that would increase our drivers’ visibility of the vehicles and trailers in order to curtail unnecessary incidents like this and put a stop to escalating repair costs and damage claims.” explains Jason.

Increasing a driver’s visibility is key when manoeuvring large vehicles and trailer loads into tight spaces

E&SJ Walpole put a stop to damage with Vehicle Cameras

The Solution

Following consultation with FLEETSense, the company decided to build on their existing systems and add a high-quality 3-camera system plus side sensors and a 2-camera trailer.

A cost-effective solution that offers drivers the required increased visibility of the vehicle itself plus the trailer.

FLEETSense’s team of skilled engineers put together an installation plan and, within no time at all, 25 vehicles were fitted with nearside and offside cameras to the truck cabs and trailers plus monitors to provide the drivers with that much needed extra pair of eyes.

How It Works

When the left hand indicator of the nearside camera is triggered, an image of the nearside of the vehicle PLUS the offside camera of the trailer are visible to the driver, allowing the driver to manoeuvre carefully as the trailer swings round. The reverse applies when the right hand indicator is triggered (offside camera of the vehicle and nearside camera of the trailer).

Furthermore, when reverse is triggered then the driver is able to view both rear cameras mounted at the back of the trailer to aid with the reversing.

“We approached FLEETSense and they did not disappoint. Their expert knowledge and professional approach meant we were able to choose the best and most cost-effective solution to our problem. Combined with their efficient team of engineers, this meant we were able to benefit from the newly installed cameras quickly.” comments Jason.

The Benefits

A noticeable reduction in repair and operating costs whilst keeping assets safe and secure
FLEETSense tailored their award-wining products to the company’s specific needs. The high-quality cameras, proximity sensors and monitors have increased the drivers’ visibility and importantly, helped avoid unnecessary damage to the company’s assets and their clients’ property, when making deliveries with trailer loads into tight spaces.

Drivers welcome the extra support and safety offered via installations such as these which has a positive influence on their driving behaviour and confidence. Insurance companies are, perhaps not surprisingly, keen on these extra measures too which help reduce the number of incidents and claims.

“Not only are our drivers able to navigate their vehicles and trailers with much greater accuracy, it has noticeably reduced the number of incidents. This has had a direct impact on our repair and operating costs whilst keeping our assets more safe and secure. We have also seen an uplift of at least 1mpg as a result of improved driver behaviour.” says Jason.

Tom Dickerson, Managing Director at FLEETSense adds:

“Being able to view accurately what happens in and around vehicles provides a multitude of benefits to commercial fleet operators and their drivers. Our expert knowledge, combined with our Reseller Partner status with leaders such as Webfleet and the Vehicle Telematics industry, means we are able to seek out, test and recommend the best solutions for each company.”

“When you consider that around 30% of total vehicle costs is influenced by how a vehicle is driven, you can understand quickly how installing safe, compliant and high-quality fleet management solutions that actually deliver results, will help fleet operators reduce their management costs.” Tom continues.

“We pride ourselves on our truly personal service that puts our customers’ needs first. Clients often come to us for one specific need, then go on to take advantage of our experience in addressing other issues, be that cameras and security, tracking and route-scheduling, work-flow management, or other aspects of their operation.” says Tom.

E&SJ Walpole put a stop to damage with Vehicle Cameras

About FLEETSense

Based in Dereham, West Norfolk, FLEETSense works with clients nationwide.

At FLEETSense we will work with you to:

  • understand your key operational challenges
  • review your fleet utilisation
  • talk through any driver behaviour related concerns
  • investigate vehicle costs (uninsured expenses, maintenance, wear & tear)

  • offer you solutions where operational improvements are required

  • offer support and expertise going forward

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