CSL cut fuel costs and improved mpg by 9.2%

Discover how the installation of Vehicle Telematics, OptiDrive 360, BP plus a camera recording system delivered real results.

Solutions Provided:

The Background

A fleet of 100 HGVs travelling 10 million miles per year.

Stuart Payne, Commercial Director, Corporate Solutions Logistics: “FLEETSense helped us cut 8.1% on fuel costs and improve mpg by 9.2%.”

Birmingham-based logistics specialists Corporate Solutions provide bespoke warehousing and distribution services for some of the UK’s largest retailers, including Smurfit Kappa, Lidl and Vax. The focus is to provide exceptionally high service levels whilst continuously identifying and eliminating additional costs to remain competitively priced.

The company runs a fleet of 100 44 tonne HGVs, fulfilling 60,000 temperature controlled and ambient deliveries and travelling 10 million miles every year – with less than 4% empty running.

“We are passionate about technology at Corporate Solutions,” says Stuart. “It lies at the heart of our client offering, allowing us to reduce distribution costs and carbon footprint while improving service.”

CSL cut fuel costs and improved mpg by 9.2%

The Challenge

A need for real-time vehicle tracking and improved driver behaviour.

The company’s focus on improving their operations and drive greater savings and efficiencies led them to appoint FLEETSense for the installation of a vehicle tracking and telematics system together with vehicle cameras.

Having implemented MaxOptra software several years ago meant Corporate Solutions were already able to assign the best vehicle and drivers for each delivery. This intelligent scheduling and route planning system automatically takes into account vehicle capacities, order volume, delivery time slots and driver availability.

However, they lacked real-time visibility of their mobile operations. There was a need for accurate location tracking, securing assets and increasing visibility.

Importantly, the company wished to reduce the time spent on checking fuel card activity, something which was at that point still undertaken manually.

They were also keen to set up a Driver Bonus Scheme which would reward drivers for safer and good driving behaviour whilst on the road.

“Before we moved to the integrated solution, the accounts and operations team had to literally check thousands of individual fuel card transactions manually every year for accuracy.” explains Stuart. “It was a painstaking and laborious process and one still prone to human error, despite the effort involved.”

Analyses of fuel card usage and fuel consumption.

CSL cut fuel costs and improved mpg by 9.2%

The Solution

Full fleet visibility in one interface.

Following consultation with FLEETSense, the company decided on the integration of the following compatible smart fleet management solutions:

Webfleet Solutions Vehicle Telematics and connected navigation with OptiDrive 360
BP FleetMove Pro
a 4-camera recording system complete with side sensors

MaxOptra’s open API made it an ideal complement to Webfleet Solutions and allowed for a seamless integration.

The 4-way Vehicle In-Cab Camera recording system was also smoothly embedded within this.

With little or no way of influencing fuel prices at the pumps there is only one sure way for operators to take back control and manage fuel consumption; through close monitoring and management on a day-to-day basis. BP FleetMove Pro is the perfect solution for this.

“This fully integrated fleet management system provides us with total control in real-time. It allows us to run safer and more efficient fleets, reduce fuel consumption and operating costs, simplify data sharing and promote good driving behaviour amongst our drivers.” says Stuart.

Effective planning and fuel monitoring, putting a stop to fraud.

How It Works

Real-time insights and reporting.

Everything is pulled together into one and the same system.

The vehicle tracking system uses GPS satellite navigation to monitor the activity of vehicles, including data such as the exact whereabouts, speed, fuel consumption and driver behaviour. The tracking device transmits information via satellite back to the fleet manager, who can access the data via specific computer software or online.

Linked in with MaxOptra, orders and most efficient routes instructions can be sent to each driver terminal whilst driving behaviour scores are calculated by WEBFLEET’s integral OptiDrive 360 functionality. The latter gives drivers in-cab feedback and advice on a number of key indicators affecting fuel efficiency, including speeding, idling, sudden braking and harsh steering.

Such cutting-edge technology allows drivers to improve their performance.

A driver’s Tachograph card is linked in as well giving operators access to crucial information such as the number of hours their drivers have been driving for, when they have been taking breaks or been busy completing admin. Recording this type of information is key for meeting fleet operating compliance regulations.

BP FleetMove Pro on the other hand, gives full visibility of how fuel is being used across the entire fleet in one, easy-to-use interface.

It combines vehicle location, fuel consumption, driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance data from Webfleet Solutions, with BP fuel card information. Data is updated every 15 minutes and shows fuel levels alongside vehicle location and transactions. This helps to identify potential fuel card misuse or fraud.

Powerful insights into how fuel is being used.

The 4-camera recording system ensures both drivers and operators are able to (LIVE) view accurately what happens in and around their vehicles. The forward and driver-facing in cab recording cameras and nearside and offside cameras offer increased visibility and security whilst the side sensors act as an additional manoeuvrability aid.

LIVE view, remote access to camera recordings.

The Benefits

A significant reduction in fuel consumption and fuel card fraud.

The company have reaped the benefits of the seamless integration of MaxOptra with the FLEETSense suite of innovative products. The management of their fuel economy is now under control and they have greatly improved their mobile operations with real-time performance tracking via in cab technology.

“It has made for an unbeatable combination.” says Stuart. “Easy access to key data has improved our business efficiency. Detailed operational and customer-tailored reports provide greater insight into our day-to-day performance including KPIs such as OptiDrive scores, fuel card usage, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs.”

“We have gained notable rewards as a result of our commitment to improving driving behaviour. The average OptiDrive score has improved from 8.2 to 9.1 over 2 years, which in turn has improved our mpg performance across the fleet up by 9.2% and cut fuel costs by 8.1%.” delights Stuart.

The biggest advantage of the 4-camera recording system is that the company can see what’s happening and deal with issues more easily and quickly. For example, security notifications alert drivers of door openings whilst WEBFLEET alerts notify fleet operators when any of the dashcam cameras are no longer working.

This type of visibility reduces the time and energy needed to resolve incidents and fraudulent claims.

Furthermore, through the telematics systems and real-time data analysis, the company is able to effectively monitor each load’s temperature at any given time.

Investing in a system that supports and enables 2-way communications with drivers automatically when things change brings huge benefits. The company’s working environment has vastly improved and simplified, and their workforce has time to be pro-active, service focused and professional.

Tom Dickerson, Managing Director at FLEETSense adds:

“If you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, you’ll be looking for ways to streamline activities and save time and money. That’s where a fleet tracking system comes in.

When looking at making savings on your operations many recognise why fleet management is important but do need help understanding how it all works and what supplier and equipment to choose.

As an independent fleet management solutions specialist, we are able to seek out, test and recommend the most suitable and cost-effective products for companies. The ability to manage all aspects of a fleet from one platform enables operators to take control, simplify tasks, reduce admin and protect drivers and assets.”

CSL cut fuel costs and improved mpg by 9.2%

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