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NEWS: VisionTrack and Trailer Tracking


OCTOBER NEWS – VisionTrack, the complete Vehicle Tracking and Camera Solution

Having reliable, effective and flexible vehicle tracking is an essential for the day-to-day running of any vehicle fleet, company cars, vans or trucks. Large or small.

WEBFLEET, the digital solution that gives Fleet Managers complete control, has for many years led the way in effective fleet management and is regarded to be the industry benchmark.

visiontrack vehicle camera from fleetsenseLikewise, Vision UK has built a name for designing and producing some of the best vehicle cameras systems for commercial use.

Now, in an collaboration to bring these two technologies together, VisionTrack has created the perfect combined solution that fully integrates vehicle cameras with tracking and location monitoring.

Carefully developed to deliver the best of both solutions, VisionTrack provides Transport Operators and their Fleet Managers the perfect way to monitor both vehicle locations and journeys with the benefit of live feed video direct from each vehicle.

“It was an obvious conclusion to develop a system that gives users one point of reference” said Tom Dickerson, MD of FLEETSense. “Now, with VisionTrack you can have complete control of your vehicle fleet and see exactly what’s going on in real-time”.

This technology is proving extremely popular with managers who want to be able to see exactly what is happening to their trucks or vans. This helps to maintain efficient job allocation and workflow, with the added benefit of seeing real-time video feed from each vehicle equipped.

Read More about VisionTrack and find out if this solution could bring major benefits to your fleet management.


Tracking Your Assets – with WEBFLEET and the New LINK 340

With larger commercial fleets, especially those running trucks with trailers, it’s not difficult to lose control of where all your assets are all of the time.

In fact, a surprisingly large number of commercial fleets struggle to manage the location of all assets, trailers being the most common of these.

Now, with the all new LINK 340 and WEBFLEET combined, you can equip your trailers with small, powerful tracking devices that will enable you to know exactly where your assets are.

This helps Fleet Managers to more easily recall and deploy assets, keeping them moving and earning revenues, rather than incurring idle costs.

As well as being a benefit to maximising productivity there are obvious security benefits. Thefts, loss and even unauthorised use can cause delays, as well as serious headaches in dealing with insurance claims.

Whereas, transport operations who closely monitor assets can benefit from reduced premiums and better relationships with their insurance providers.

If you’re already running WEBFLEET to help you manage your vehicles, then this new solutions is worthy of your serious consideration.

If you’re yet to experience the multiple benefits of WEBFLEET then now is a good time to review this and see how you’re currently missing out.

Read more about Asset Tracking and the new LINK 340 with WEBFLEET.



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