Durite 1080P Full HD 1.5″ Dash Camera with GPS – 0-776-60

Durite 1080P Full HD 1.5" Dash Camera with GPS - 0-776-60

Dash-mounted 3 megapixel, 170° view angle camera with 1.5″ screen and audio function – provides a shooting resolution rate of Full HD 1920 x 1080 & HD 1280 x 720. 2 level password protection.

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Presenting a dash-mounted camera with a 3-megapixel sensor and a wide 170° viewing angle, featuring a compact 1.5″ screen and audio capabilities. This camera offers shooting resolutions of Full HD at 1920 x 1080 and HD at 1280 x 720. It incorporates a two-level password protection system to safeguard your data.

Here are its key functions and features:

– **Automatic Power Control**: The camera seamlessly powers on and off with the vehicle’s engine, providing continuous recording through loop recording technology.

– **Versatile Recording**: Enjoy manual video recording, photography, and motion detection capabilities, catering to various recording needs.

– **Built-in Collision Sensor**: Equipped with a G-sensor (collision sensor) that automatically locks and preserves recordings in the event of an impact or collision.

– **Comprehensive Accessories**: The kit includes a USB cable and a 12/24V cigarette cable/plug for flexible power options.

– **Two Mounting Choices**: Choose between two convenient fitting options – stick it onto the windscreen or use the supplied suction pad.

– **Informative Output**: The recorded video displays essential information such as date and time, location via GPS, vehicle speed, and G-force data.

– **Storage Capacity**: It supports a maximum memory card capacity of 32GB for ample storage space.

It’s important to note that if a vehicle is assigned to a specific driver, this information may be subject to data protection laws, such as the Data Protection Act 1998, as it may be considered personal information.

  • Automatically powers on and off with the vehicle engine, with loop recording
  • Manual video recording, photographic and motion detection functions
  • Built-in collision sensor (G-sensor) which locks recording
  • Comes with USB cable and 12/24V cigarette cable/plug
  • 2 fitting options: Stick on windscreen or suction pad (supplied)
  • Output video shows date and time, location via GPS, vehicle speed & G-force
  • Maximum memory card capacity: 32GB

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