Durite Stockists

Durite is a trusted brand known for its high-quality and reliable safety solutions for fleet vehicles. Explore our comprehensive range of Durite safety products designed to enhance safety and visibility for your fleet.

We offer a wide variety of reversing camera systems to improve visibility and safety. These provide a clear, real-time video feed of the rear-view, reducing blind spots and also helping drivers navigate with confidence. With a range of options such as wireless cameras, night vision capabilities and customisable viewing angles – Durite reversing cameras are essential for preventing accidents and increasing safety for your fleet. With their high-resolution displays and sturdiness, these products improve safety and situational awareness.

Durite’s warning lights and beacons are designed to provide effective visual warnings to enhance fleet safety and visibility. These include LED warning lights, rotating beacons, strobe lights and light bars. These are ideal for emergency vehicles as well as construction vehicles that require visual signals. With their brightness and compliance with safety regulations, these products improve safety on the road.

As well as lighting and camera solutions, Durite offer a wide selection of vehicle safety signage solutions to meet your fleet’s compliance requirements. These include reflective tapes and vehicle safety signs that enhance the visibility of your fleet vehicles. These ensure clear identification, warnings and markings to help prevent accidents and increase safety. With their high-quality materials, these offer long-lasting durability.

Durite’s range of electrical safety products focuses on protecting your fleet vehicles from electrical hazards and ensuring safe operations. These include battery isolators, circuit breakers, fuses and emergency stop switches – designed to prevent electrical failures, short circuits and potential fire risks. These products provide peace of mind, protecting both your fleet vehicle and drivers.

At FLEETSense, we proudly prioritise product quality, reliability and compliance with industry standards. Browse our online shop to gain any further information on products, or get in contact with us if you require any additional information.